You’re Only 4 Steps Away From Winning Two Tickets To See The Bingo Players

Talia Aroshas
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What are you doing on June 18? Want to score two free GA tickets to catch The Bingo Players on Governors Island? Do you also want brighter days filled with cool articles, funny memes, groovy new songs and pretty pictures? Great, because all you have to do to enter the contest is:

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by Thursday, 6/16.

Bingo Players first broke through in 2011 with their hit “Cry (Just a Little).” The Dutch duo, Paul Bäumer and Maarten Hoogstraten, quickly became regulars on the American festival and club circuit. Their energetic sound captivated audiences around the world with bouncy synths, driving beats, and guitar-like riffs, and hits like “Rattle” solidified their place as international superstars.

Though tragedy stuck when Paul was diagnosed with cancer in June 2013 and passed away in October the same year. It devastated both Maarten and the entire dance community.

Maarten continued the Bingo Players legacy in memory of his partner and now teams up with the charity Fuck Cancer to support the prevention and early detection of the devastating disease.

Fuck Cancer aims to change the way people talk about cancer and inspire a movement by harnessing the experiences of Generation C — consumers from all generations who use digital content as their main source of information.  Through digital media, programs and events, Fuck Cancer believes its community will be the generation that ultimately improves health outcomes.

To support Fuck Cancer or to learn more, visit or follow @letsfcancer.

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