You’re More Than Just A Number: Stop Editing Life For Likes

There is an excess amount of mindlessness and ignorance that social media has created in the world.

I’m not saying it’s all on social media because there are positives as well as negatives, but until people become mature enough to see the positives, social media will continue to be toxic. I have seen girls spend hours editing a picture that they will upload to Instagram for an audience of maybe 600 people to look at for two seconds and decide if they want to take the energy to tap twice for a like or not.

I know I’ve written about social media in a joking manner before, but it has become such a prevalent issue these days that I feel the need to address it again, more aggressively. Essena O’Neill, an Instagram model, admitted to the world that her pictures aren’t “real life” and deleted all of her photos — a social media purge. However, deleting all social media accounts and completely cutting yourself off from the world isn’t always the answer. Actually, most of the time it doesn’t do anything. Instagram is great for sharing photos from a fun night out or a beautiful sunset or whatever the hell you want really. But if you’re uploading a picture because you need validation that you look “sooo skinny” or “unreal” followed by 1,000 fire emojis, then you are using social media for the wrong reasons.

Let me just be blunt:

Ladies, please stop editing your bodies. Everyone knows what you look like and it’s not mentally healthy to try and create a superficial image of yourself.

Being a college student has truly opened my eyes to the detrimental effect of social media. Every time I go out I look around and all I see are people disconnected from the world staring at a tiny screen. The second a Justin Bieber song comes on, everyone has his or her phone in hand ready to snap story the energy about to come over the room. Meanwhile, there is one girl constantly checking in with her boyfriend via text message, along with another group of girls having a photo-shoot in the corner of the room trying to get that perfect Instagram. It’s too much.

The point that I am trying to make is that we are all more than numbers. Self-worth should not revolve around the amount of likes you receive, followers you have, or people that view your snap stories. News flash: YOUR RATIO DOESN’T MATTER! Nobody cares how many people you are following compared to the amount of people that are following you, I promise. If everyone could just look up a little more and become less dependent upon social media, the world will be a much better, more fun place.

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