Your Last Days Of Summer Belong At These 6 NYC Rooftop Bars

Lindsey Washington
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It’s September and summer in New York City is quickly coming to a close. We’re already feeling the cool temperatures at night and seeing Macy’s commercials for back to school season. The cold is coming in hot and there’s nothing we can do about it, except try and soak up every last bit of summer that we can. What better way to literally soak up these last days of summer in New York than to be perched high above the skyline on a rooftop with a drink? Before you start complaining about winter, here’s a list of rooftop bars to visit during these last dog days of summer.

Here’s the one you go to…

When you’re with all your friends:

Tonic East is located in the notoriously douchey Murray Hill; even the outside of the bar is a little obnoxious with TONIC highlighted in neon red. But, there are three levels of glorious bar before you even hit the rooftop which houses large benches, fans (for those hot summers) and heaters (for those cool nights). They have a sick happy hour – Appetizers are 2 for 1, $4 beer, $5 cocktails etc. etc.

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When you’re trying to make your non-New York friends jealous:

“There’s a popsicle in my drink…” Need I say more? If you’re interested in paying $20 for this magical creation while venturing to Battery Park and waiting an hour and half, then I highly suggest you go to Loopy Doopy bar. It’s a pretty memorable experience for your wallet and feet, and it makes for a great Instagram shot.

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When you have a company party:

Just this past Wednesday, I planned a mini company event and took my co-workers to Monarch. It’s in a convenient location (Midtown), there’s plenty of seating, the food is very tasty, and it’s just fancy enough so that no one feels comfortable to get blackout wasted. Plus, there was a Belvedere girl there handing out free Moscow Mules so it was really a win-win.

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When your parents are in town:

Catch, in the Meatpacking District, can be summed up in one word: expensive. The drinks and food are pricey, but it’s totally worth it. My suggestion is to get the Strawberry Heaven. I hate it when people say things like, “This is the perfect summer drink” and then they flip their hair, but I will say, this is the PERFECT summer drink. *Flips hair.

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When you don’t have a reservation:

Besides having an amazing view of the Empire State Building, 230 Fifth was much less douchey than I had previously heard. It’s enormous – we went there on a Thursday night, were immediately seated, and had no problems getting drinks thanks to the world’s most eager waitress. Our food was very good (and great for sharing). We watched the sunset, saw six guys wearing the same shirt and took some ridiculous pictures.

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When you have no plans:

Just the other day I went to O’Reillys Pub and Restaurant for a company function, only to discover they had a rooftop! Imagine my surprise (and utter delight) to see this otherwise very traditional pub have a classy rooftop. This place is great for last minute gatherings and company parties when you need a large space.

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