How To Rock A Blazer Outside Of The Office

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Until recently, I genuinely felt sorry for my blazer. It kind of just sat on a hanger in the back of my closet, only making an appearance when I had a job interview or yet another “CEOs and Corporate Hoes” themed social at school.

While rummaging through my closet one night before going out, my eyes fell upon this trusty black blazer. I could practically hear it whimpering like a lost puppy, begging for attention and purpose. So I whipped that baby out and thought long and hard about how on earth I could wear it out at night without looking like I just left a job on Wall Street. One brainstorm session later, I realized that there’s a lot more to a blazer than the stiff business casual stereotype I undeservedly assigned it for so long.

Get stoked because your blazers are about to be given a second life. These looks will help you give off that whole “I’m intelligent and stylish, so you should buy me a fancy drink” vibe when you try them out at night.


1. Boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans and blazers go together like chocolate and bacon — it’s an unexpected combo that works so well together because the two balance each other out. The jeans give off a laid back, approachable vibe while the blazer adds a more polished, sophisticated feel. Who says you have to stick to one single vibe in an outfit? Fu** the system, yo.

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boyfriend jeans


2. Romper

Rompers have proven to hold more longevity than your average fashion trend, as they haven’t disappeared off the racks quite yet. If you inevitably jump on the romper bandwagon, be sure to set yourself apart from the crowd of basics who have taken over the trend. How so? Slip on a blazer and swipe on a dark vampy lip color, that’s how. Take that, basics.

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3. Dressy shorts

After spending a summer in New York City, I’ve come to grips with the fact that high-waisted denim shorts are only acceptable to wear out at night in college towns. *sigh* Give the mom jeans a rest and invest in some quality shorts that’ll last you far beyond college graduation. Wearing a blazer with dressy shorts is the edgy and mature alternative to a cardigan or kimono.

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dressy shorts


4. Bodycon dress

Nothing beats that moment when you walk into a bar and you’re totally ~feelin’ yoself~ while rocking a bodycon dress. But sometimes you need a way to disguise the fact that you actually just wore that same trusty dress last week… to the same bar… with the same group of friends. And you Instagrammed it. Throwing a blazer over your dress is the ideal way to avoid being a outfit repeater all while leaving a bit more to the imagination for potential suitors at the bar.

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bpdycon dress



5. Leather pants

Even though I’m a tad bitter that I still haven’t been able to find a pair of leather pants that look halfway decent on me, I have mad props for any gal who has. Leather gives off that badass vibe that’s perfect for night time wear. A matching blazer adds some much needed structure to dial back that sexiness a bit so it doesn’t look like you belong in the red light district.

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lether pants



There you have it, ladies and gents — living, breathing proof that blazers have a rightful place outside the office. Ditch the pencil skirts, button-down shirts and kitten heels, and take that baby for a spin at your next nightly escapade. I can guarantee that wearing a blazer out for a night will make you look and feel like the badass boss lady you really are.

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