Your Beauty Guru: I Sampled 7 New Products So You Don’t Have To

Mikela Warman
Mikela has been working in the fashion industry since 2012 with the likes of Marie Claire, Giorgio Armani, WWD and VERANDA Magazine. She passionately studies the industry of style and how it coalesces with various different aspects of life such as art, career and cultural influences. When she’s not daydreaming at Bergdorf’s, you can find Mikela at yoga, watching Netflix documentaries and taking long walks around Manhattan. As a founding member of the site, Mikela also currently heads the brand management of 20something.

In case you missed part one of this series, I’ve taken it upon myself to be your personal guinea pig. In attempt to put my product obsession to good use, I’ll be trying all of the those beauty products you’ve seen in stores or heard about from friends, but don’t have the time (or budget) to experiment with yourself.

Without further ado, here’s part two of my beauty essentials review. Happy shopping!

Mikela Beauty review essentials


Hey Honey Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum – $40

Despite the new packaging, this product is out-of-this-world amazing. It is a light and LUXURIOUS (yes I said that) moisturizing serum that I use as a primer before putting on makeup every day. I’m not joking when I say it feels like silk and is the smoothest application of all products I’ve tried. The foundation of Hey Honey’s products is Honey and Propolis — nature’s most potent antiseptics and antibacterial. The healing and nutritive properties of honey balances problematic skin, accelerates rate of cell growth, and decongests pores while soothing and healing. Created out of Denver, Colorado, it is all-natural, S.L.S. & Paraben free.

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Got mine at the Marie Claire beauty sale


Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray – $30

This spray has changed. ma. life. Not only does it set your makeup so it lasts all day, but it also hydrates, refreshes and cools. I’m not saying it’s magic and that you’ll be a drippy mess without it, but I have noticed that eye makeup and blush stays on longer, appearing smoother and vibrant without melting, fading or settling into fine lines.



Got mine at Sephora.


Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser – $18

I use this cleanser when I feel like my face is clean, [somewhat] blemish free, and a bit sensitive. The cleanser feels exactly how it sounds — a lil milkyish n’ a lil jellyish. After use, your skin feels smooth, soft and strong. Glossier makes great looking products and have mastered the art of packaging. I haven’t tried too many of their products yet, but I can’t wait to test ‘em all.


Got mine at


French Girl Facial Oil Elixir – $44

As mentioned in my last post, I’m a huge fan of facial and body oils for the reason that they hydrate like you’d never believe. This line, French Girl, is an all-natural and earth-friendly product created from locally sourced ingredients on a Seattle farmstead. I use sparingly, and not on blemishes, but wherever the skin is clear. Unique botanicals make these products a delight for both the skin and the sense. It is free of sulfates, parabens, synthetic preservatives, petroleum, silicone, phthalates, fragrance oils, and all that other BS you don’t want on your skin. It is 90-100% certified organic and 150% endorsed by moi. See what I did there?


Got mine at Athropologie.


Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Concealer – $27

OK, I’m a little pissed because the older version of this product was one of those twist-up containers that were like the throwback lip glosses we used to have in middle school. I’m not pissed cause it worked, just cause that was fun. Anyway, the formula is the same. A little bit of this stuff goes a LONG WAY. I have never had such great coverage. Make Up For Ever (mark my words) is going to be the must-have makeup line for you, if it isn’t already.


Got mine at Sephora.


Sisleyouth Hydrating Moisturizer – $198

I know this is way out of price range, but I got a great discount through work and just had to have this product. Sisleyouth is the first anti-aging treatment to use starting as young as 25. It’s really never too early to start combatting the first signs of aging, helping to reduce wrinkles and improve the tone of your skin. Your skin will feel revitalized, toned, and full of healthy energy… if you’re willing to pay that bill.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 11.50.42 AM

Got mine at Sisley.


L’occitane Milk Concentrate – $50

Nothing has to be said about L’occitane’s flawless product line, but this almond milk concentrate deserves all the hype and praise. From the beautiful glass jar, to the smell and feel, it immediately makes you feel luxurious and pampered.

Got mine at L’occitane.


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