You Will Not Believe What Some People Do Just To Look Younger

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You’ve likely heard that the face lift is back in style after being out of favor among aging Americans the past few years, but what about some of the other things we’re doing to try to look younger?

Where to start…


1. Micro-needling

This is a process of using what’s called a dermaroller (which is a hand-held device that looks like a little paint roller) full of micro-needles on your face.

The micro-needles prick your skin, injuring it – enough so that your skin knows something is wrong (your brain tells it that it’s been superficially wounded) and will go into repair mode.

It’s one way to improve skin’s texture and pigmentation, and it’s increasingly more popular despite being a slightly painful procedure.


2. Cupping

To increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and activate lymphatic drainage, there’s something else: cupping.

Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps, brought this ancient eastern therapy to our attention at last year’s Games in Rio (Remember those purple bruises all over his body?), but no one had really heard much about anyone doing it on their face until celebrities started talking about it, and Kim Kardashian Snapchatted it.


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It works by placing different sized suction cups are strategically placed on areas of the face. The skin then gets drawn up into the cup, creating a vacuum-like effect.

As your muscles start to relax and your facial tension melts away, plumper, smoother skin emerges. Voila! Oh, and no hickie-like marks after-the-fact because the process is customized.


3. Fat Freezing

As for that body fat, there’s exercise for that, and while new research does show that high-intensity interval training arrests the aging process by encouraging your cells to make more proteins, there’s an “easier” route to skinny.

Hello, fat freezing. Wildy popular among Hollywood elites, it’s quickly gaining traction among everyday folks, and is expected to become the “next Botox.”

CoolSculpting works by freezing fat cells in your chosen treatment area, permanently killing the cells. Over the following weeks, your body metabolizes the cells so they are permanently eliminated from your body. Bam! You’re down a size.

Celebrate with an “anti-aging” Gin (Yes, it’s out there!), or just sprinkle a little collagen powder into your coffee.

You do want to look like Jennifer Aniston, don’t you?


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