You Should Go Get Laid Right Now Because Orgasms Could Save Your Life

Alain Saint-Dic
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Probably not in the traditional sense of bringing you back to life, or keeping you out of harm’s way, but the big O does have some pretty cool health benefits that if practiced regularly, could probably add a few more years to your life. More sex = more years; pretty good trade off unless you absolutely hate sex and life. I, personally, have an affinity for both so it’s only right that I share the happiness and keys to longevity.

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Oxytocin: the kale of orgasm

The key player in orgasm benefits, besides your upper body strength, and endurance is the love hormone. Released when something gets hit right, oxytocin is like the kale of orgasm outcomes. It has the ability to reduce blood pressure, improve digestion, lower stress levels, reduce inflammation in the body, and reduces social fears. Whaaa…I mean any of those benefits would do at any period in time, but all of them? Save a few trips to the doctor and invest in a Netflix account, it’s time to get some oxytocin!

Prolactin: your natural sleeping pill

I know. More big words. You’re just reading this so you can cum your way into immortality, but be patient. Commit them to your vocabulary, and use them in your future quest for oxytocin, and now prolactin. This chemical has expressed itself in much higher levels post male orgasm. That cool move he does where he rolls over and starts snoring (“hold on baby, I need a few mins to get it up again”)? Blame it on the prolactin. However, because it does promote good sleep, it might be the way to go if you’ve had a rough week. Skip the club, go for an orgasm, and wake up Monday morning, ready to go.

CCK: the appetite satisfier

Say it with me, cholecystokinin. CCK is your post sex/workout appetite suppressor. You came, they came, you conquered; and now you won’t even try to replenish those well spent calories. Sounds like a win win.


Improved bodily functions, better social life, better sleep, and healthier appetite. Yup stop reading, go get some.

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