You Need To Introduce This Liquid Gold Superfood Into Your Diet NOW

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You may or may not have heard of bone broth, the “new” food fad­­. Although there’s nothing new about this age-old recipe, the significant and obvious health benefits are for, whatever reason, just coming to light as a millennial foodie trend. Let this unique story of a 20something mother-daughter duo help bring this delicious and nutritious meal into your homes before the thick of winter.

Wait a sec! What is Bone Broth?

This ancient recipe is regaining popularity as a trending superfood, packed with nutrients, protein and collagen. The broth typically uses grass-fed beef bones, pasture-raised chicken bones and organic vegetables, which are slow simmered for 48 hours to soak up all the nutrients.

OK, back to business.

Laya Barak, founder of BrothMasters, had been struggling with Crohn’s disease when she experienced a horrible flare-up after undergoing ankle surgery from a dance injury. After extensive research of tasty stomach-friendly foods, she was about ready to give up. Since the Barak family has always been big believers in holistic food treatment, Laya’s mother, Dorothy, used this opportunity to perfect her bone broth recipe. Shipping the broth on dry ice from Michigan to NYC, Laya started to recognize the health benefits (and motherly sainthood) immediately.

Fast-forward to 2016, Laya has been downing her mom’s magic elixir, and is now in remission from Crohn’s, not having a flare-up in three years! HELLOOO healing powers of bone broth.

Whether it is your aching gut, congested skin, lack of energy, or difficulty with weight loss, the second you add bone broth into your diet, you will see, and most importantly feel, an internal and external shift.

Listen to what you’re getting with one pouch of this stuff:

  • 60% of your daily calcium intake
  • 28g of protein
  • Only 80 calories per serving
  • 290mg of potassium
  • Packed with collagen which acts as a glue for your skin, muscle tissue, workout recovery, and lining of your gut.

…not to mention it is delicious. Take a cup or two of bone broth; throw in some veggies, brown rice, or ramen, to make it a filling low-calorie/high-protein winter meal.

Use the code BROTH4LIFE for $10 off your first order, and thank us later.

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