You Might Get Addicted To These 6 Bizarre Workouts People Are Trying

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With summer rapidly approaching, you may be thinking about starting a new exercise program. Here are some of the more interesting – including a few of the crazier – workouts to consider.


Early morning dance parties

Why wake up and have coffee, and when you can wake up and .. dance?

Daybreaker is a 3-hour morning “party” (Yes-sober; BYOS, as in Bring-Your-Own-Spirit!) that has been around for a while, but is finally getting some media attention given its growing popularity and rapid expansion: it’s now available in cities around the world – from Boston, San Francisco, New York, Chicago to Toronto, London, Barcelona, Berlin!

The program begins – at surprise locations – with an optional hour-long yoga class, and then bam! Two hours of dancing with ‘reckless abandon.’

It’s fun, and it’s good for you–in fact, research suggests that early morning workouts – as opposed to afternoon or late-night ones–may actually help speed weight loss and boost energy levels.

We’ll dance to that!


Supermarket exercising

Yoga class down by the produce? Spa treatment in the organic section? How about a little nutrition counseling once you’re finished with your Zumba? This may seem a little “off” to some, and maybe even downright confusing, but it’s happening.

Yes, grocery stores, which have often included dry cleaners, banks, and other amenities, are now jumping on the fitness bandwagon by offering exercise classes – and a whole lot more! – inside their stores.

It’s happening now because something has to happen: traditional grocery stores are being edged out by discount stores and delivery services.

The idea is to provide grocery shoppers with something extra, something that will give them a reason to spend time in the store beyond the minutes it takes to pick up a dozen eggs and a gallon of milk.

Will it work? Time will tell – the fitness offerings are still relatively new (Keep an eye on your local grocer.), but they are affordable – and in some cases, free.



This is the LA workout everyone is talking about. Developed by chiropractor Ryan Pendon and expert trainer, Xavier Quimbo, it’s a 60-minute, full body, high intensity workout – five rounds of four exercises (with a one-minute break).

You can do it, or a modified version, depending on your level (!), at any gym.



Meet the Supra: It claims to be the world’s first digitally-controlled intelligent fitness machine, and the most advanced exercise machine in its class.

Designed by Hollywood trainer, Sebastian Lagree, who says it can help you burn 400 calories in just 25 minutes, this machine, which also serves as a trainer, sounds almost too good to be true!

Guess we’ll have to go to California to find out.  For now, the Supra is only available at the Lagree Fitness Studio in LA.


Whole body vibration

Every heard of whole body vibration – WBV?

Neither had we, but with WBV therapy, something celebs have reportedly been doing for years, you stand on a platform (Yes-that’s all you have to do: stand!) that vibrates rapidly in one or more directions.

Just 20 minutes a day – over the course of 3 months – reduces fat and strengthens bones, according to a study published in the journal Endocrinology.

Sounds good? Yes, especially if you don’t like more strenuous exercise, but herein lies the rub: the test was done on mice; not humans.


Water-based exercise

For now, maybe try doing mountain climbers, squats, and other high intensity exercises .. in the water? Gyms are now riding the popularity wave of this type of water-based exercise, and it’s making a splash!


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