360 Review: Avicii’s New Album Is Like A Glimpse Into His Life

Mark Wolf
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Avicii’s latest release, “Stories,” tells a story about a young Stockholm native’s love affair with the world’s swirling flavors of music. Bustling with the kind of sonic quality only PRMD can provide, listening to the album feels like you are being given an intimate glimpse into the superstar’s life, no matter what kind of fan you are.

But since we all have our opinions, here are some possible others.

For the “EDM isn’t music” pouting grey hairs

The album feels like less of a trigger for festival fireworks than a soundtrack to the stories you’ll be making this fall. Most of the album’s tracks were slowed down to “rock” tempos – around 100bpm – so there are only a handful of accelerating buildups and most of the individual tracks were recorded with analogue Moog synths.

This change in production style suggests an appeal to a slightly different target audience that values the “serious integrity” of music over the simple adolescent pleasure that we all know it is. I can’t help but get the feeling that Avicii is tired of the old heads in the game pigeon-holing him as the “EDM kid.” Well here’s a word to those who talk plenty of shit but never get lit:

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This departure from Avicii’s trademark 128 BPM pumping soft-synth sound is strange because the first track “Waiting for Love” is just that and went #1 in Sweden. Why fix something that isn’t broken? There is still a massive variety on the LP. From his early days of 8th note piano stabs and CO2 cannons to the acoustic guitar driven blues-house that Avicii is known for today, “Stories” has it all.

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Never the less, “Stories” does legitimize the musicality in EDM, which seems to only be a question of BPM and orchestration in the end.

stephen colbert animated GIF An album from an artist fit for a king (seriously, Avicii’s DJing the King of Sweden’s wedding) has something to offer all its fans. Whether you’re playing “Stories” as background music in a social setting or using it to get your heart racing and blood flowing — there’s a fitting fable for either occasion!


For the pajama-wearing student who’s chillin’ like a villain:

Avicii references his reggae, folk and alternative rock influences in songs that profile struggle, regret and endurance. Matisyahu and Wyclef Jean stand out as credible collaborators that breathe vintage soul from their extensive careers into Avicii’s brand.

The jams are slower and feature acoustic guitar driven grooves that sound the way Instagram filters look: high quality but possibly not so authentic. “Sunset Jesus” is basically Dani California’s virgin birth and “Gonna Love Ya” is a very close cousin to Bob Marley’s “Is This Love.” If you already listened to “Somewhere In Stockholm,” I also hope “flagpole” wasn’t a euphemism for Tim’s tool. Regardless, I loved the fuzzy vintage vibes.

These tracks are sure to set the mood and help you unwind:

Can’t Catch Me

Sunset Jesus

Gonna Love Ya

Ten More Days


Somewhere in Stockholm

For the CrossFit fanatic who’s ready to get sweaty:

Doesn’t matter if you’re wearing gym shorts, a button down or your birthday suit – these tracks will get your heel rising and head nodding. Martin Garrix, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and the Zac Brown Band had their hand in turning Tim’s tasty tunes into radio-ready anthems. “Touch Me,” “True Believer” and “Pure Grinding” demand a three-peat.

Now it’s time to put on your favorite snapback, crank up “Stories” and swat invisible flies to a quarter note beat.

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These tracks are sure to get you sweating bullets:

Waiting for Love

Touch Me

Talk To Myself

For A Better Day

Broken Arrows

True Believer

City Lights

Pure Grinding