You Are Your Own Startup Part 1: The Creation

“You don’t see failed business ideas show up in a Google search” – Mark Cuban

In the corporate world, think of each individual that stays stagnant as a proverbial failed business idea. Every person who’s ever been hired and become complacent, every promotion that was a possibility and never landed on the desk, every “could be” that ended up a “will not” is just as important as the paperwork you see, the work you do, and the opportunities that you are aware of. While you may not see the others who have held this position before you and gone nowhere, make no mistake that they exist.

You are your own startup.

Take a few seconds to let that thought settle. During your first year in the classic workforce, you may suddenly realize that obtaining a career is not the score you may have first assumed. You may not immediately know what exactly you’re doing and, chances are, you’ll be told for a while how incorrectly you’re going about it.

With time, the strongest of us will learn how to adapt, to become solid anchors in our positions, and to pump out product, pitches and extra hours that will likely go unpraised. Heroism will become the innocuous norm. When you obtain your sense of value through hard work, it may be appreciated (in forms of promotions, raises, or even the shedding of menial responsibilities from your task desk and into the hands of some newer addition); but they may also remain unseen.

If the startup of yourself is not cultivating the movement you desire for your career yet, consider the factors at play. Are you utilizing all of them?


Most great companies are founded on the principles of relentless innovation.

As a contributor to whatever organization is funding your emerging startup career, it’s imperative to remain one step ahead. In most cases, a startup company that rushes down the river of success to becoming a household name has done one of the following:

1. Created a new solution to a pre-existing need or

2. Created a better mousetrap for that need

With the creation of Uber, the market gap of overpriced and individual cab companies was met, in a way that benefits both employees and its clients. So, in your daily work, be sure to consider what you offer. Do not simply write the floor plan for whatever project you’ve been put in charge of. Write that one, do it well, and have backups.

Come up with other ideas, other ways around it. Whiteboard, flowchart, think out loud. Even if you aren’t able to show them to anyone, stretching that creative muscle will afford you the ability to be more efficient and knowledgeable, and over time, a cultivated understanding of how things work will come to you. Once you have the aptitude to truly turn your job on its head in terms of efficiency, innovation, and precision, you can become limitless.


In keeping your goals in your line of vision, you will probably find that your innovation grows them expeditiously. Problem solving for the startup of you is the best way to learn techniques that will be invaluable to your side hustle.

Putting in the 9-5 hours is a drag and we are all well aware. But if we make ourselves the biggest project and learn to navigate – rather than just complete – the tasks at hand, we glean massive amounts of experience that level us up, like Gameboy Super Mario Bros. where someone else has already beaten the levels.

You can look into the function and flaws of something much deeper than your side hustle that has grown, and start preparing against those difficulties. Consider the struggles your startup job could possibly put on your dream work, and play out those scenarios to fool-proof your ambitions.


We may have time to keep our head above water from dawn till dusk, but nothing is more rewarding than using your innovation to find your purpose in order to achieve your goals. We have to do more. Just because something doesn’t show up in a Google search doesn’t mean it hasn’t been done before. As millennials, we’re simply charged with doing it better. Create more. Create better.


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