Yiwei Xu brings the essence of individuality to this year’s Nolcha Shows

Rosa Outing
Rosa Outing is a senior at the University of Central Florida, pursuing a degree in Communications with a minor in Writing and Rhetoric. She has lived in Florida her entire life. In her downtime she usually finds inspiration in the art of literature, structured social change, music and fashion. Upon graduation she'd like to land a job in the Communications field. All the while, implementing her talents within the fashion branding spectrum. Her dream career would be, to build a life in which she is putting to use the skills she has learned all the while making a difference, fashionably!


Eva Yiwei Xu is a designer who seeks to dress the woman with a creative lifestyle. Her collection, “All Comes From Nothing,” is an array of sharply outlined pieces touched with a minimalist feel and set with a timeless aesthetic. Yiwei Xu inspiration is founded in the essence of individuality. Her brand wasn’t created with the intent of exceeding the identity of women, but celebrating them by “allowing their inner identity to shine.”

Eva Yiwei Xu (LinkedIn)

“Inspired by the Chinese philosophy of simplicity and Minimalism art, ACFN designs combine the softness and draping found in natural fabrics with geometric shapes, creating versatile and unique looks.”


Yiwei Xu prides herself on being included in this year’s Nolcha Shows. “The Nolcha Shows is great opportunity to showcase my collection in New York Fashion Week.” A collection that features a variety of structured and dimensional pieces. Inclusive to comfort, elegance and class. As each item whether it’s a knit coat, wing sleeve shirt, high neck cape coat, leather front dress, or an open shoulder jumpsuit, all are fitted to perfection and versatile to style.

“All Comes From Nothing” is sure to the leave an impressive impression on Nolcha’s audience.