YG, G-Eazy and Mackelmore Just Released An Amazing Song Hating On Donald Trump

Sofia Pack
Sofia is currently pursuing her parent's dream of getting a business degree at Florida State. When not mistaken for being Asian, she frequently finds herself tweeting politically outspoken comments, trying to be be as non-basic on Instagram as possible, stalking DJs on Soundcloud and finishing 25 hour-long episodes on Netflix in 24 hours.

With #NationalConventionSZN in full swing and the official nomination of Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump, now more than ever, celebrities, artists, all democrats, and most Republicans are publicizing their opinions any way they see fit. But how did rappers YG, G-Eazy, and Macklemore see fit, you ask? The release of “FDT Part 2,” the sequel to “FDT” from YG’s most recent album, Still Brazy.

The track features the lengthy list of disses ranging from his ideologies and supporters to his toupee.


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Let’s take a look at the most notable disses on the track:

1. “Your politics are like a Starburst pack (why?) Nobody fucks with the orange one

Don 2










2. “A Trump rally sounds like Hitler in Berlin Or KKK shit, now I’m goin’ in

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Let’s make America great again? Listen to the full track here: