Wrap Me Up: 7 Scarves You Need Right Now And How To Wear Them

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There’s just something about fall that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside — maybe it’s the smell of pumpkin spice seemingly wafting through the air, even when I’m not near a Starbucks. Or maybe it’s the sound of fallen leaves (or palm fronds because #Floridaprobz) crunching on the ground as I walk to class. Or maybe it’s the fact that I finally get to put some miles on the dozens of flannel shirts, oversized sweaters and scarves I’ve invested in over the years.

Speaking of scarves, how the heck do you even tie those long pieces of woven fabric? Well, it turns out there are tons of ways (25 to be exact) to wear these fashionable accessories. But this begs another set of questions: How should I style my scarf? Do I just throw it over a sweater and call it a day? Is it socially acceptable to wear one with a dress? Fear not, fellow 20somethings — I’m here to calm those worries before you venture out into the chilly autumn weather and tick off the fashion police. Below are seven must-have scarves and some ideas for how to rock them this fall.


1. The Plaid Scarf

Considering my track record with owning an insane amount of flannel shirts, a plaid scarf is #1 on my fall shopping list. Why? Because nothin’ says fall like a little touch of plaid. Pair one of these with an army green jacket and you’ll look like you just walked off the set of an Urban Outfitters photo shoot.

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2. The Chunky Knit Scarf

Sure, a chunky knit scarf may be most cozy when paired with an oversized sweater, but that’s just oh so ~basic~ and expected. Throw everyone a curveball and try pairing it with an old school jean jacket and high-top Vans. Consider this the un-basic approach to fall fashion. You’re welcome.

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3. The Infinity Scarf

Whoever invented the infinity scarf gets a much-deserved virtual hug from me. Simply sewing together the two ends of a scarf has saved me so much time spent trying to figure out how the heck to tie one in the first place. These bad boys are about as versatile as it gets, especially if you opt for a muted beige color. Throw on a brightly colored coat and some funky animal print booties if you’re feelin’ especially ~wild~.

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4. The Colorful Patterned Scarf

Looking to make a statement and stand out among the swarms of black, gray and navy coats this fall? Don’t shy away from bold patterned scarves, which pair well with oversized beige coats. Add an extra cozy touch with a knit headband that accents one of the colors in the scarf.

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5. The Striped Scarf

Contrary to popular belief, it’s possible to make a scarf look super chic for a night out on the town. All you need is a little leather, a lot of black and a swipe of striking lipstick, and you’ve got yourself a totally nighttime-approved look. Stay warm while you’re waiting in line at the clubs, and whip that baby off once you’re inside and the vodka crans are a-flowin’.

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6. The Lightweight Scarf

If you’re a Florida native like myself (a.k.a. your fall temperatures rarely dip below 60 degrees), then the lightweight scarf is your new BFF. It’s perfect for those breezy days spent outside when your outfit needs that little oomph. Pair is with a long-sleeved T-shirt dress and a wool fedora hat for a super comfortable fall look.

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7. The Fringe Scarf

Remember that flannel obsession I mentioned earlier? Well, my fringe addiction is just about as severe, which means this fringe scarf is on my Christmas list this year. There’s something so effortless and carefree about fringe-accented clothing. To mimic the boho 70s vibe of fringed pieces, try pairing a fringe scarf with deep, rich colors and a tribal printed purse.

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Before you try to pawn off that chunky wool scarf your grandma knit you when you were 12, think again. Having a variety of scarves is the perfect way to disguise the fact that you’ve actually been wearing that same oversized sweater and leggings combo for the past two weeks. Plus, there’s just something about wearing a scarf that makes you look like you’ve got your ish together. And when you’re a stressed 20something running on five hours of sleep, we should take all the help we can get.

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