Bougie Is Back: 4 Trends That Are In This Fall

The leaves are starting to fall (sigh), and its about to be print and sweater weather. You know it, fall is here guys and gals.


Fall just reminds us about bold colors and deep reds (not just talking about wine). On the street, you can find all types of fashion, but we are taking it to Brooklyn this week.

We found out that yes, it is okay to mix and match patterns, and yes, it is okay to pair two patterns with a red lip.


How to incorporate back-to-school FOMO into your work wardrobe can be an easy fix. Just “adult” it up with a patterned blouse instead of a T-shirt, and trousers instead of jeans. It’s like magic before your eyes. Splurging this fall is okay since it’s your back-to-school (work) bag for the year. Pair your chic outfit with a more classic bag that will last you all the way through the new year. Even color block it if you’d like.


Moving into fall, we’re doing the next cape or “jacket that we don’t fully put on,” if you catch my drift. Wrapping your warm sweater around your shoulders is something we are for sure on the look out for. NO more flannels around the waist, that’s so 2015. In 2016, we wrap our classy sweaters around our neck. Not only does it look good, but can add a pop of color and make you stand out on the street. Double points if you match your shoes with your sweater.


Word on the street is bougie is back, and I am forecasting preppy weather.

Photos by Adam Wamsley

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Adam Wamsley

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