Why You Need To Spend Your 20s Traveling

I implore you to travel. Do it right now. If you are in college, take advantage of your study abroad programs. If you are in a job you dislike, and you have some days off saved, take them and go somewhere you’ve never been.

In life, there is a very small window when you are free to make decisions that only slightly impact your future. When you are in your thirties, attempting to start a family and working ridiculous hours to pay your mortgage, you will look back and want to bitch slap your twenty year-old self. Being able to see other cultures is a gift that not many people are afforded.

It could be that traveling is too expensive – stay in hostels or look up tour groups that offer discounts to young people.

It could be that you are scared of leaving your friends – Don’t be. If they are truly your friends, they will be there when you return.

Don’t allow yourself to be restricted to one worldview for the rest of your life. If you come from an affluent area, spend time in a mud hut in a third world country. You will never realize just how fortunate you are until you see what other people live with. Ancient monuments will astonish you. They serve to let people know the vast extent of what is possible when you are dedicated.

Wake up in a new country as many times as you can. Drink a cup of black coffee on the cobble stone streets, with the hazy sun rising in the background. These experiences will liberate you from your own self-induced restrictions. You will find yourself on these excursions. You will become a new person.


Image Sources:  Facebook