Why You Need To Go To AfroPunk (Including 10 Times Lenny Kravitz Was The Hottest Ever)

Mahogany Bullock
Writer. NYC. ECU Grad.

With AfroPunk on the horizon, it’s time to focus on what’s important: Lenny Kravitz. And to bide the time as we patiently wait for some of that undeniable sex appeal that takes the stage during every live performance, let us relish the glory that is AfroPunk.

The lineup for this year’s festival includes some of the greatest people to ever touch a mic, including Grace Jones and Lauryn Hill. With appearances by Kelis, SZA, Young Paris, Petite Noir, Danny Brown, and more, the two-day Brooklyn music festival definitely has some hard-hitting acts gracing the stage.

If you’ve never been to an AfroPunk festival, expect the unexpected from both the musical acts and the crowd. There is such a wide range of beauty and eclectic culture that is unmatched by any other festival. There’s no dress code, but if there was I’m sure it would read “do what the f*ck you want, and look good doing it.”

AfroPunk reigns victorious as my favorite music festival for just this reason. And with the appearance of one of the world’s sexiest men on the list of reasons to go, I don’t see myself making any changes to said list.

If the beauty of the AfroPunk brand and culture is not enough reason to get your ticket, then here are 10 more, all about his sexiness:


That One Time He Posed With The Great Bill Murray


When He Showed Us That Sexiness is Hereditary With His Father’s Day Tribute. #HeyDad



When He Put a Spin on the “Sexy Nurse” in Precious.



Every Time He Allowed Us to See His Glorious Body. (Thank you for that, Lenny)



When He Helped Start the Revolution in The Hunger Games.



When He Was On The Cover Of Any Magazine Ever. 



When He Created Her.

"The Divergent Series: Insurgent" New York Premiere


And Then When He Showed Us He Did More Than Create Her, But He Takes Care of Her as Well. (Who doesn’t love a good Father?)

George Pimentel


When He Was The Finest Butler We Ever Did See



And Lastly, That One Time He… Existed.