Why Thinking Big Isn’t Always The Best Approach

If you’re reading this, I know you have big goals. Can you imagine the great things you’ll be doing in five years? Can you visualize what your dream physique looks like? Can you see yourself surrounded by all your best friends, living it up in the city? That’s fantastic, but you need to stop thinking about all that right now.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have high aspirations, but focusing on lofty, broad goals will ruin your progress. Here is why you should instead focus on the smaller details:


1. Big is too abstract. Small is actionable.

If you asked anyone how to get in good shape, everyone would say, “Diet and exercise” or “You just need to eat better and work out,” but is it really that simple? Getting in awesome shape is about the dedication to never miss a squat day. It’s about the courage to say, “No, thank you” to those delicious cookies that your coworker made for the office. It’s about savoring the vodka burn as you rip a shot without a chaser. It’s not just diet and exercise; it’s a series of tiny decisions. When you focus on these small wins, you’ll find that the big stuff comes naturally.


2. Big is intimidating. Small is achievable.

“I want to quit my job and start a company.” Yeah, me too, but that is a lofty goal. How about we start smaller? I want to make $10 today while doing something I love. Tomorrow, I’ll get a little bit better and make $10.50. I’ll try to grow a little bit every day, let’s say by 5%. Day 3, I would make $11.03. If I keep this up for 90 days, I’ll be making $768.86 a day. Even if I stop growing, that’s $280,000 a year.

If I asked you how to make $280,000 a year, would you be able to give me an answer? How about if I asked you to make $10 today? Start small and grow.


3. Big is overlooked. Small is noticed.

As with all these reasons, this applies to both your fitness goals and your life in general. If someone were to ask what you value in a friend, most people would say qualities such as kindness, generosity, dependability etc. However, if you were asked to describe your best friends, these broad traits would be an understatement. You would remember all the little stories that made you realize how great your friends are.

It could be as small as remembering to wish you happy birthday every year at 12:00AM, not waiting for a Venmo Request to pay you back, or simply showing up on time when you decide to meet. These small actions define how you perceive the people in your life; likewise, it’s also how you will be evaluated. Both yourself and others will consciously notice the small decisions you are making every day over a bigger decision you make once and don’t stick with.


Comment below on some of the small things you’ve done that made a big difference in your life!