Why We’re Pissed About Rihanna’s ‘Anti’ Getting Snubbed at the Grammy’s

The 59th Grammy Awards were actually quite bearable compared to other years. With Adele’s performance to start off the night, Beyoncé slaying it while super pregnant with twins, Bruno Mars paying tribute to Prince, and Gaga going full on metal with Metallica, the show was…how should I say this…less vanilla than expected.

When the nominees were announced we thought maybe the Grammys were just playing it a bit too safe. The same usual suspects kept popping up in every category; Adele, Beyoncé, Chance the Rapper, rinse and repeat. Rihanna’s “Anti” was nominated for Best Urban Contemporary Album and Best Recording Package, but also, what does urban contemporary even mean? Still confused on that one.

YES, we know Beyoncé’s talent is unmatched, YES we know Adele can sing her friggin ass off, YES Chance the Rapper’s album was very next level, but Rihanna is just different. Not only can she clearly sing but she just exudes sex appeal, fashion and that IDGAF attitude everyone dreams of having, “Anti” was her peak album where every track was a hit single. I mean the girl did a seamless rendition of Tame Impala’s “Same Ol’ Mistakes” I don’t even think everyone will even fully digest that track for at least another few years.

If you look back to older Rihanna albums you see a disconnection in her body of work. You see a young pop queen on the rise who just can’t seem to show who she really is within her music. On one hand you see her killing the fashion game, and then on the other hand she is just not exuding that same attitude and creativity within her music. She definitely would have a hit single here and there, but it was clear she was still learning and growing as an artist.

Fast forward to “ANTI” and we get all of that, finally! The music is now matching her fashion she wears, it is more risky like Hood By Air, Margiela and Vetements than it is Nordstrom’s. You see a mature artist who jumped those pop boundaries, kicked in the front door and was like “surprise!” I’m here now and I’m not going anywhere. And she was reflecting on past struggles and saying everything she wanted to say I mean the second song on the album ‘James Joint’ says it all “I’d rather be smoking weed whenever we breathe….”

So the fact that “Anti” seemed to not even flash across anyone’s radar at the Grammys is problematic AF.

Her hit single “Work,” also one of her biggest hits since “Umbrella,” featuring Drake didn’t even make it into the category of Song of the Year, yet when that track plays at any club, bar or function, everyone is dropping to the floor and shaking their ass, girl or guy. And As far as numbers are concerned, “Anti” made it onto countless “best lists” throughout the year and did receive many accolades along the road.

BTW it is currently certified DOUBLE platinum, soo need I say more here?

Personally, I can relate to every song on “Anti.” I belt out “Love on The Brain” and picture how I would want to be in the music video for it alongside Riri. “Woo” and “Yeah I said It” are just sexy songs that you can’t help but feel empowered by as a woman when you bump them. From start to finish, “Anti” is the gift that keeps on giving, the album you’ll never get tired of and never have to skip any songs. In other words what I’m trying to say is, give Rihanna every award every single year even if she’s not nominated, thanks.

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