Why We All Need To Be Watching The Women’s World Cup

It’s a shame that this whole FIFA corruption insanity is overshadowing the one important thing that these talented players actually want to have everyone see – them playing the sport.

The FIFA World Cup last summer was incredible. We chanted at the top of our lungs at our favorite bar for that month of soccer bliss and had a great excuse to drink at 11 AM. We also all remember the disappointment of the United States Men’s National Team falling just short against Belgium.

The good news? This summer we can do it all over again, but this time the USA actually has a chance of winning! The FIFA Women’s World Cup is being held in Canada this summer. The United States Women’s National Team has not won the tournament since 1999 and, after a riveting penalty shootout final against Japan in the last World Cup and an amazing goaltending performance by Brianna Scurry, the team wants it more than ever.

Despite some rather sour comments by former FIFA president Sepp Blatter over the years (“Let the women play in more feminine clothes like they do in volleyball” back in 2004 and his more recent comments about the macho culture of FIFA executives not accepting a woman in governance), the world beyond the FIFA executives is getting geared up for this tournament.

The United States Women’s Team is going to be facing some tough competitors in Group D, including Australia (who they beat this past weekend 3-1), Nigeria and a strong Swedish team.

With fierce players like Megan Rapinoe, Abby Wombach and Alex Morgan on the team, nothing short of a total victory is expected at the tournament. So let’s dust off those jerseys, practice those “I believe” chants, pour ourselves a cold brew and get ready for another summer of soccer insanity.

No matter if it’s male, female, black, white or orange, the Women’s Soccer Team deserves our country’s full support because, hey, it’s fun to be number 1. Check out the women’s schedule and all the match-ups plus group pairings here: http://www.fifa.com/womensworldcup/


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