Millennials are officially most at risk to lose our jobs to robots

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Well…this is it. A Gallup study was released that states millennials are at a higher risk of losing their jobs to artificial intelligence. Millennials tend to work in jobs that are likely to be automatized in the near future, like the products of software engineers for example. With twenty-somethings settling down later and later in life, we have a long way to go before we even think about retiring so should we be worried about losing our job to a bunch of computers in the near future?

Why Millennials?

Most companies are looking to be the most efficient, most accurate and most accessible and with that means innovation and automation. According to an Ernst and Young study, 72 percent of Millennials feel that startups are essential for promoting innovation which suggests what our values are when we look for a job. By working and contributing to a company that is looking to automate a professional service with an algorithm, are we feeding the fire?

But also old people?

Jobs that are most “at risk” for robot takeover, or computer automation, are jobs that remain relatively routine, like car assembly and bank telling, so you’d think only Baby Boomers would be in this situation. When you think “millennial,” you think of that hoodie-wearing, master’s-degree carrying, swimming-in-student-debt, paying $2,100 for a room kind of person who wouldn’t dare do anything monotonous. But according to Daniel Culbertson, from the Indeed Hiring Lab, Millennials are just as likely to prefer jobs that surround routine.

So are we doomed? Probably not. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, we just have to acknowledge that parts of our jobs will be succumb to automation later in the future meaning we need to keep an effort to refresh our skills every once in awhile. All societies have seen tech booms and automation waves and they happen slow enough for us to catch up to remain competitive. So, apply for any job you want, don’t be afraid of robots and don’t lose your edge.