Why ‘Sisters’ Is Ironically A Perfect Mother-Daugher Bonding Movie

Olive Wassen
Olive is a college student who enjoys Chinese food, sarcasm, and movies. If you ever want to talk about Johnny Depp hit her up.

When my mom suggested we spend some time together by going to see “Sisters,” I was understandably nervous. This is a movie where the trailer includes a scene with a guy getting a toy ballerina stuck up his ass right before having sex, so I wasn’t quite sure to expect. However, despite some sex and drug stuff, this film is actually tailor-made for some mother-daughter bonding.


The never-ending references to the 80s

This provided laughs for me because I could make fun of all of those dorky trends, and my mom kept having those moments when you’re utterly embarrassed about your past but embrace it at the same time. (See: my feelings about gauchos.)

She kept leaning over and telling me about the blue eye shadow and monstrous bangs that she had when she was in high school. Good reminiscing for her, great blackmail for me.



Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are geniuses

The two did a nice job of poking fun at their “old selves” without offending any of the audience members. They really managed to bridge the gap between moviegoers, making the film enjoyable for teens to people in their fifties. Normally, adults are depicted as overly responsible robots, but “Sisters” made them into real humans who just wanted to let loose a little — my mom and I could laugh and appreciate all of it together.



The comfort level got a little too high

The movie escalated perfectly, so by the time the raunchier scenes came around all of the “respectable adults” in the theater were laughing uncontrollably. I was personally laughing both at the jokes and out of discomfort from sitting next to my mother cracking up at personal jokes. My personal favorite moment was when my mom literally died laughing at the aforementioned ballerina gag — Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, breaking down boundaries one sex joke at a time.

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It Sparked A Whole New Kind Of Dinner Conversation

Thanks to the moviegoing experience, my mom and I now have some new inside jokes. She is constantly making references about “Sisters” and trying to act like Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. This is both a curse and a blessing.

While it is often hysterical, I now have to watch her walk into the room and quote the dirtiest lines from the movie. The other night she even called me a ballerina hole! “Sisters” severely lowered what she filters around me, which builds a stronger bond…right?



“Sisters” may be a film about the bond of sisterhood, but it also ended up being perfect viewing for a mother-daughter pair. Next time you and your mom are trying to find an activity you’ll both enjoy, head over to the movie theater and watch Sisters-just be prepared for all your mom’s new dirty jokes.