Why ‘Chelsea Does’ On Netflix Isn’t Only For Chelsea Handler Fans

Becca Van Sambeck
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Once upon a time, you may have thought of Chelsea Handler as merely your go-to girl for celebrity news, thanks to her late night E! talk show “Chelsea Lately.” As she makes it clear in her new Netflix documentary series, that show was severely underestimating her.

“Chelsea Does” examines controversial topics like race and marriage through her trademark blunt and hilarious lens, providing just as much laughs as it does in introspection. The documentary may seem like something you’d only suggest to Chelsea Handler fans, but even people not familiar or totally onboard with the comedian will enjoy the series.

Chelsea Handler is abrasive, raunchy and opinionated — plenty of people don’t like her, which to her audience has made her that much more refreshing.

She’s kept her edgy humor in her move to Netflix, but she also proves that she’s more thoughtful than many think.

The series has four parts where she tackles a different topic: drugs, racism, marriage, and Silicon Valley. The episode on drugs will have you cracking up as she bakes pot brownies for her friends, draws under the influence of Ambient, and travels to Peru to try ayahuasca. Her episode on racism involves a roundtable of leaders from minorities communities to discuss when humor crosses boundaries.

Best of all is the one on marriage, which has Chelsea interviewing friends and family on their thoughts on the topics, talking to the founder of Ashley Madison, and most importantly opening up more on camera than we’ve ever really seen as we watch her wobbily reconnect with an ex and talk about her changing feelings on the idea of commitment.

We admire Chelsea because she’s a bad bitch.

She’s unafraid to say what she thinks and always seems to get what she wants, and seeing her in a more vulnerable state is one of the best and most honest parts of the series.

Chelsea said she wanted to move on from E! because she wanted to use more of her brain, and this Netflix series shows she’s making good on her word. The revelations in the series might not be earthshaking, but they certainly prove that Chelsea Handler has a lot more to offer the world than a five-minute interview with Justin Bieber.

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