Why A Statement Bag Is Actually A Good Investment

Estrella Levy
Estrella Levy is currently studying Marketing at the University of Miami. She is a foodie, avid reader, and lover of all things made of marble. Her days are measured with laughs, empty iced coffee cups, and excessive lists made on Post-It notes.

Designer handbags are an investment, there’s no doubt about it. Because of their pricey nature, most of us tend to lean towards minimal purses that will prove timeless and are worth the splurge.

A classic handbag is definitely essential, but lately I’ve been thinking about what it means to spend money on a designer piece. Designer items should be not only functional, but fun—a true iteration of the designer’s creative vision. For this reason (and because they’re just generally epic), I’ve decided that my money is better spent going towards artistic pieces that exude personality.

A statement purse can transform an entire outfit, and makes it easy to elevate a simple look. Here are some of my current favorites to look out for this summer!


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