Who’ll Win JoJo’s Heart? We Ranked The Final 4 Men On ‘The Bachelorette’

Audrey Morgan
Audrey is a freelance writer and recent graduate from Appalachian State that has an obsession with avocado toast and pop culture. When she's not writing you can most likely find her sitting down with a glass of red wine and judgingly watching reality TV.

As the contestants dwindle down to just a few white guys with the same haircut, speculation forms around which bachelor will win JoJo Fletcher’s heart. Last week we bid adieu to Alex and James, leaving the final four. So who will be the next to leave in the black SUV and who will be getting down on one knee? Here we have a definitive ranking of who will she’ll send packing and who will get that last and final rose.

Chase McNary

Chase is “an all-around great guy”, JoJo has said, which is exactly the way you describe your best friend or brother, not the guy you end up with. Chase has pulled out all the stops throughout the show and has been open and honest with JoJo about his feelings for her, but I can’t help but get the vibe that he might be more into it than she is. This could be because she is constantly making out with guys who are not Chase.



My advice for Chase is to get all his toiletries together because JoJo is going to send him packing real soon.


Luke Pell

Luke is a cowboy and war veteran from the Lone Star State. He’s got that irresistible, smoldering charm that JoJo finds so attractive. It’s apparent when watching the show that their chemistry is undeniable. Even though JoJo hates the term “front runner,” he’s definitely been one from the beginning.



The chemistry and attraction is there, but we haven’t seen much more than that from Luke. The connection was strong in the beginning, but as other relationships grow, they gain momentum on JoJo and Luke’s. My bet is his family will see him real soon again after hometown dates.


Robby Hayes

If you’ve been watching the show you know Robby insisted over and over again that he’s a “front runner”. This makes me think there’s a lot of chemistry there that we haven’t seen. The former competitive swimmer hasn’t gotten the most air time, but I’d consider him the dark horse of the competition.



His relationship with JoJo has grown quite a bit in the last few episodes and he even got the rose on the last group date before hometowns. Robby most likely makes it to the finale, but then cries in the limo in the airport. Don’t feel too sorry for him though — we think he has a great chance of being the next bachelor.


Jordan Rodgers

Jordan is, as many know, a former pro quarterback. Throughout the season JoJo has her doubts about him, especially his messy past with his ex, Brittany Farrar.



At the same time JoJo seems to be really into the former quarterback and even gave him the first impression rose on night one. JoJo has the hots for Jordan and his fame also helps give him an edge over the rest. My guess? Jordan might finally win something.