Who To Drop And Who To Keep: Fantasy Football Recap Week 9

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Happy Wednesday! Week 9 is now in the books! Here are the two players who helped their teams this week:

RB, DeAngelo Williams, Pittsburgh Steelers: 27 Rushes, 170 Yards, 2 TDs; ESPN Score: 36

The Steelers are having a hard time because they can’t keep their starting offense on the field with all their injuries. With Le’Veon Bell being out for the season, hurting many fantasy owners, Williams stepped up as their number 1 for their offense. Williams looked strong through the first two games when Bell was out for a suspension. I would pick up Williams for waivers as soon as possible if he hasn’t been picked up yet.

QB Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans: 28/39, 371 Yards, 4 TDs; ESPN Score: 32

This year’s rookie class is really showing strong representation of how each will perform on offense. Mariota showed on Sunday why he should’ve been the number 1 pick. He’s been consistently well all year which isn’t common amongst NFL rookie QBs. He’s a good backup QB to have on your team for when your starter has a bye week.

Here are two players who underperformed in week 9:

RB Jonathan Stewart, Carolina Panthers: 20 Rushes, 77 Yards, 0 TDs; ESPN Score: 6

Stewart has been a consistent FLEX for fantasy owners who picked him up. Fantasy owners thought different on Sunday when he couldn’t find any opening against Clay Matthews and the Packers defense. I would keep him at FLEX if you own him since he is playing the Titans, who isn’t known for their defense, next.

WR Demaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos: 5 Receptions, 50 Yards, 0 TDs; ESPN Score: 5

Thomas and the Denver offense are having a tough time adjusting to learning a new offense under their head coach. Thomas, once known as being a top pick in fantasy, has been inconsistent this season, scoring at most 16 points for fantasy owners.

Here is someone to look out for Week 10:

RB DeMarco Murray, Philadelphia Eagles

Murray had a strong week in his win against the Dallas Cowboys. Although he’s been having a tough time adjusting to his new team and offense, he’s slowly getting comfortable and looks to make plays against different teams including Miami and Tampa Bay.

Here is someone you should sit for this week:

WR Pierre Garcon, Washington Redskins

Although Garcon wasn’t considered the Redskins number 1 receiver, he was given the opportunity to take that spot when number 1 WR Desean Jackson got injured the beginning of the year. However, he hasn’t been doing much in fantasy and the Redskins haven’t looked strong on the offense. I would sit him out for this coming week and take a chance on other receivers this week.

FYI: As of yesterday, Andrew Luck is expected to be out 2-6 weeks with a lacerated kidney following preliminary reports from NFL.com. This is a big deal for those who had him in the starting quarterback position. Matt Hasselbeck will now be the Indianapolis QB.

Good luck to all owners during week 10!

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