Who To Drop And Who To Keep: Fantasy Football Recap Week 16

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Happy Wednesday! Week 16 is done and the playoff race is tight! Here are the two players that exceeded expectations this week:

Cardinals D/ST, Arizona Cardinals, 1 INT, 3 FR, 2 TDs; ESPN Score: 35

The Cardinals sent a message to the Packers and the rest of the NFC that they are a team to look out for in the playoffs. With the team’s starting safety Tyrann Mathieu out for the rest of the season because of a torn ACL, the defense showed they are going to fight for him and to make a run for the championship, controlling the Packers during the whole game on Sunday.

TE Jordan Reed, Washington Redskins: 9 Receptions, 129 Yards, 2 TDs; ESPN Score: 24

Jordan Reed and the Redskins have made a really strong run to become playoff force in the NFC. Although the NFC East is still trash, playoffs usually bring out the best in underdog teams. They won a much needed game to clinch the NFC East against the Eagles. Reed was a vital receiver on that offense Saturday and was a huge asset for Cousins, running both through and over the Eagles defense.


Here are two players that underperformed in week 16:

QB Tyrod Taylor, Buffalo Bills, 13/18, 179 Yards, 0 TDs, 1 INT; ESPN Score: 11

Believe it or not, Tyrod Taylor of the Buffalo Bills are having a strong season and been consistent throughout the year. The Bills have adjusted to his style of play and they’ve had strong offensive outings. However, this past Sunday was different. Look for Taylor to close out the season with a strong against its inner division rival the Jets.

TE Rob Gronkowski , New England Patriots: 4 Receptions, 86 Yards, 0 TD; ESPN Score: 8

Gronkowski and the Patriots had a tough time and made some questionable decisions during their game against the Jets on Sunday. With all the injuries in their receiving core, Gronkowski was the only available starter left that hasn’t been injured, which made it easy for the Jets secondary to focus on him during the game.

Here is someone to look out for Week 17:

QB Matt Stafford, Detroit Lions

Stafford and the Lions didn’t have the season that they wanted and will end up with a losing record. However, Stafford and the offense have shown the past couple games that they are going to finish out strong. Look for him and Johnson to connect a few times this weekend.

Here is someone you should sit for this week:

RB Javorius Allen, Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens, like many other teams this season, have been relying on the secondary RBs to make plays. Allen was a huge part of their win against the Steelers this past Sunday. However, with their playoff chances completely diminished, look for other players in the position to be used.

Good luck to everyone for week 17and to all fantasy owners who are in the championship and happy (almost) 2016!