Who TF Killed Andrea?! Our Top 5 Shady Suspects On ‘The Night Of’ And Why

Becca Van Sambeck
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Ever since “The Night Of” premiered on HBO this summer, we’ve been hooked. The show follows Naz, a murder suspect/college student who did just about everything wrong after waking up in bed with the bloody body of a girl he spent the night with. One of the most frustrating things about the true crime shows we love so much like Serial and Making A Murderer is that there’s no clear answer for who the actual killer is, no matter how much we learn and speculate. We’re terrified that this miniseries might follow in the footsteps of its real life predecessors and leave us hanging with the finale on August 28th. But whether they reveal the killer or not, here are our best guesses and why.


1. Naz


Okay, let’s get this out of the way. There is a very good chance it was Naz. He spent the night with her, he fled the scene instantly when he woke up to her bloody body instead calling 911, and he’s conveniently forgetting things about the night. I feel for Naz protesting his innocence, but hello, Occam’s razor — ­usually the right answer is the simplest one.


2. Duane Reade


This guy definitely knows something. He was by the scene of the crime, with a stare that screamed “I LOVE TO MURDER.” He is also a legit criminal with a fondness for knives. He sprinted away as soon as John Stone, Naz’s lawyer, found him. Yup, something’s wrong here.


3. Andrea’s Drug Dealer


If Andrea owes him money, he has the perfect motive to kill her, which is more than most of the suspects we have. It’s an extreme measure, but he really did NOT want to talk to Stone.


4. Her Stepdad


Ah, but who else has a motive? Her stepdad, who is in need of money. After Andrea’s mom’s death, Andrea inherited all the money­, not him. And Andrea made it clear she wasn’t sharing. Most murders aren’t committed by strangers — ­it’s friends and family. V suspicious, indeed.


5. Trevor


At the least, this dude is pretty angry and unfriendly, as we saw from the abuse he hurled at Naz and Andrea for no good reason when he saw them that night. In fact, he came off really mean and upset, and it’s also worth noting he lied to the police about being alone when he saw Naz and Andrea. Sure, there’s no motive, but uh, it’s all a little suspicious.


Regardless of who ends up being the guilty party, here’s to hoping we actually get some closure this time.



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