Who Runs The World? Girls: 24 Photos From The Women’s March To Keep You Inspired

Colleen Woodward
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What a time to be alive, am I right? Sure, we have an angry oompa loompa as a president and yes, it’s actually official now, but the peaceful protests (hey, ladies) organized in cities all over the country, and the world, makes me feel like maybe everything isn’t going to sh*t.

I stepped on the subway Saturday morning at my stop in Brooklyn, which is usually pretty quiet. This morning, however, there were 100+ people waiting for the train with signs in their hands, cat ears on their head and smiles on their faces. Young girls with their moms, teenagers in a group, couples, young boys, our parents’ generation, and millennials upon millennials, I saw it all. It was truly inspiring. What left me with ALL of the feels is when I saw a mom on the subway look at her daughter and say, “I love you and I am proud of you” only for her daughter (who was probably 7) to turn back and say, “No, I”m proud of you” as they headed to the Women’s March on NYC.

As unfortunate as it may be that we have to protest at all, it still made me feel like no matter where we come from, all of those women (and some amazing men) were out there supporting one another. And that is something we all need right now.

My favorite part of walking through NYC yesterday was seeing the signs. Some funny, some heartwarming, some serious, they all essentially said the same thing — we are ALL important, despite what our president or anyone else, for that matter, thinks. Maybe the signs won’t make a difference today or tomorrow, but it’s the courage of those women to go out there with their messages and find the strength they have to continue to fight for our rights.

As you scroll through the many pictures the team at 20something took, we hope you’ll end this article feeling inspired and with a laugh or two. Start your Monday off right by remembering the powerful and badass women that came together this past weekend, and all of their dope signs from all over the country.

From our writers in D.C.:

Our Inform editor, Gen, joining in and taking amazing pictures in rainy San Francisco:


From our writer in Denver, CO:


Our Editor in Chief with her sign in NYC:

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Our other amazing NYC-based writers & editors capture events (and brilliant signs) in the city: