What is your music festival spirit animal?

aLIVE Coverage on behalf of ElectricZooFestival.com

This past weekend, I attended Electric Zoo for the first time. EZoo takes place on Randall’s Island every Labor Day weekend, giving fest goers one final, huge party to kiss summer goodbye. Party animals from all over the country made their way to New York City for the three-day festival, enticed by a promising dance music lineup and a fun, unique crowd.

The fest’s theme this year was “Electric Zoo: The 6th Borough,” which definitely made sense, because the Zoo is way different than the concrete jungle New Yorkers are used to. With animal decorations all over the island, a giant elephant fixture covering the main stage, every type of animal-ear headband you could imagine, and a staff of “zookeepers,” it’s not hard to feel like you’re in a zoo-ified NYC. And of course, the most important thing at any zoo is the animals. As I wandered around the Zoo, I started thinking about how easily the festival goers around me could be classified as different “breeds” of Electric Zoo animals. So instead of worrying about what your “spirit animal” is, what’s your EZoo animal?



The flamingo can most definitely be seen wearing a maxi dress/skirt and a VIP band. They wouldn’t be caught dead drinking a beer or head banging, and are definitely more interested in talking to fellow VIPs than visiting any of the stages or seeing any musical performances. You’re not totally sure why they’re in the Zoo, because Coachella or literally any place in Manhattan is probably a better fit for them. Flamingos are the animal most likely to call deadmau5 “Dead mao five.”



A pretty standard fest goer, the monkey is a big dance music fan. They have a festival/concert dress code of a comfy-but-edgy T-shirt and either shorts or pants, depending on how hard they’re planning on going (female monkeys may opt for spandex shorts or leggings). Their lineup for the Zoo is a mixture of well-known pop-y DJs spinning radio hits as well as lesser-known dubstep DJs. Monkeys are just as likely to have been spotted getting down to Zedd’s electro-pop set as they are to have been breaking their necks during Ghastly’s grimey dubstepy set.


Tigers are some of the show-iest of Zoo animals. They come boasting Zoo-chic outfits that they probably had planned for at least three weeks in advance. They absolutely did not dress for the weather (60 degrees and rainy on Saturday) and opted to put fashion over comfort. As cute as the “metallic booty shorts and lacy bralette” combo is, most tigers could be heard growling when the rain and the temperatures started to fall. Tigers travel in large packs, and though they may all look identical, each tiger’s outfit will be slightly different. Tigers will most likely spend all of their time at the main stage. Wishing you all the best of luck as you scrape glitter off of your scalps for the next six weeks.



Gorillas can be hard to spot. They may look like unassuming monkeys, except that these are actually hardcore bass fans. A true gorilla most definitely left Excision’s set with at least a minor concussion, after the DJ played his song “Let’s Start a Mosh Pit,” and the rest of his aggressive, mosh-inducing set. Gorillas would not hesitate to throw your limp body on the ground during a hard bass drop, but they are nice animals at heart and would pick you up shortly after and offer you some water. Gorillas travel both in groups, and alone, as they can easily meet other lone gorillas. They will be far away from the main stage, until deadmau5’s Sunday night headlining set, because literally who didn’t go to see deadmau5?



Elephants genuinely just love the Zoo. They’re majestic and kind creatures, that attend the festival simply for the good music and good vibes. Elephants can often be spotted twirling hoola hoops, trading kandi, or just sitting in the grass soaking up the experience. Elephants appreciate all types of music, and are equally likely to have been jamming to Slushii’s upbeat pop-infused set, or Nightmre’s deeper, darker bass set. They’re just happy to be at the Zoo.



Pigeons are the journalists/photographers at the Zoo. They kind of just fly through and show up, and have very little business actually being there. You can tell very obviously who these pigeons are, even without seeing their media wristband. Pigeons are simultaneously striving to be the VIP Flamingos, but they’re also working and trying to see what’s happening around them. Just throw some bread (or a photo pass, or free drinks) at them, and they will be content with their trip to the Zoo.



Technically lions are the king of the jungle, but aren’t they also the king of the zoo? The lions of this zoo are the DJs aka the reason anyone wants to go to Zoo in the first place. Lions, being a part of the cat family, are huge fans of brightly colored laser lights, which is why they’re a staple in every single set. Also, dsoesn’t everyone kind feel like they’re in the Pride Rock scene from the Lion King when a DJ puts their hands up during a set?

Despite the terrible weather for the weekend, every animal seemed to make the best of it and have a great time, and no matter where on the island you were, you were treated to lots of lights, stellar people watching, and some of the best dance music around.