What To Do When You Give A Guy Your Number And Immediately Regret It

Jessica Liebman
Jess is a part-time contributor while she attends the University of Florida. She enjoys Mexican food, bad reality shows, and petting random dogs in the corner of parties. She laughs too much, drinks too much, and sleeps too much, but doesn't really see a problem with that lifestyle ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

To be clear, these are not just general ideas of what to do. That would leave a margin of error. This is, instead, a list of resources. These are memes and pictures that you should physically save to your phone right now and send to him in lieu of words when he hits you up. You’re welcome.


1. Be blunt, you’re busy and he should know that.

[ looks at nachos ] I'm busy


2. Show your disinterest right away


3. Sometimes honesty is the best policy.



4. Confuse them with abstract imagery.



5. Let them know up front you regret the decision of keeping contact.

I immediately regret this decision.


6. Make sure they have the right person.



7. Change your identity



8. Explain that there’s a language barrier.



9. Last resort – flirt back. You never know what could blossom.