What Raising The American Flag At The U.S. Embassy In Cuba Means For Us

Brandon Snively
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The Jistt:

  • For months, the U.S. has slowly been thawing out its relationship with Cuba and reestablishing ties.
  • The latest move? Raising the American flag at the U.S. embassy in Cuba
  • No, it’s not just putting a flag up. Cuba and U.S. had a non-existent relationship since 1961. No one was allowed to go to the country except in extreme circumstances. Raising the flag is a symbol of better relations for the future.
  • Of course there are opponents. One of them — Republican Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio.


For the first time in years, a diplomatic relationship between the United States and Cuba is closer to being established. On Friday, the American flag was raised in Cuba for the first time since 1961.

Many know Cuba as a communist country controlled by the ferocious dictator, Fidel Castro. Americans weren’t allowed to go there unless there was a specific reason, such as visiting family and relatives or to get an education. Now, things may change soon as the gate is slowly being opened.

It was an historic moment indeed. The American flag was raised by the same Marines who took it down in 1961. Secretary of State John Kerry explained how the three Marines kept their promise of one day returning to hoist the flag up again.

“Promise made, promise kept.”

Kerry went on to praise the leaders of both nations for coming to the table to work out issues that would attempt to restore diplomatic ties.

However, some U.S. politicians are opposing how the diplomatic relationship is being reestablished.

Republican Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio isn’t thrilled with how the Obama administration is handling the diplomatic reestablishment. Rubio would like to see political prisoners released and have the issue of human rights addressed, according to the US News and World Report. Reports show that the Republican-controlled Congress will not vote to lift the embargo right away.

So don’t get those American passports ready just yet. Although there are historic steps being made, there is still a giant leap left that needs to be navigated properly. Nothing will happen over night, and it may take years for things to really happen.

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