We’re Not In Florida Anymore: 8 Things I Miss About Miami After Moving To NYC

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Currently, I’m thousands of feet up in the air clutching the armrests during “severe” turbulence (as the stewardess said it) while the couple next to me cuddles closer. After one canceled flight last night, I’m finally headed back to New York City post a week of being back in my old home, Miami.

Last night I felt severe FOMO for not being around for the first “snow day” in the city when even offices were closing for the day. So I rebooked on the first flight available to get myself a little closer to making a snowman on a day off.

You’d think I was crazy for wanting to jump right into the blizzard and leave 75-degree weather in February. Maybe I am crazy, or maybe I just discovered exactly where I’m meant to be.

Sure, I’m looking forward to being back home, playing in the snow, chasing my dreams across the concrete jungle, and getting yelled at on the subway (jk about that one) … but that doesn’t discount the life I used to have in Miami.

I was lucky enough to go back for the week to see how the city has altered since I moved a little over nine months ago. Even though there are new high rises and new restaurants, some things (like the vibe of the city) will never change.

So to distract myself from the possibility of falling out of the sky, I’ll arm you with the things I’ve missed about Miami regardless of where I now call home. Local or tourist edition? That’s for you to decide.


1. Brickell City Center finally opened.

I watched this construction start before I even moved to Miami. Long time coming, but beautifully worth the wait. Armed with new stores like Kendra Scott and DrSmood, there’s something for everyone in the inspiring architecture. Plus, my favorite sushi restaurant, Pubbelly, finally got a second location.


2. Key Biscayne still looks like a tropical paradise.

When you live in Miami, chances are you take the beaches for granted. Upon returning, I really realized how stunning the landscaping and ocean looks. Just remember to put on SPF if you’ve been lacking sun for ages like me.


3. Coconut Grove is a true gem.

It’s well known, but highly underrated. Especially now that more restaurants and boutiques opened up, it should definitely be on everyone’s radar. Plus, the view from Monty’s happy hour? Unbeatable.


4. Nightlife politics are still a well-played game.

Okay, so I don’t really miss the “strategy” behind getting into places with lines on South Beach, but bright lights, loud music, and uncontained dance moves are good for the heart every once in a while.


5. Cuban coffee dominates the weekday.

It’s like I forgot how I functioned the last nine months without it.


6. Going anywhere is an excuse to dress up.

I thought I knew what “casual” was in Miami, but in NYC I soon realized I was wrong. Here, it’s all about convenience and lots of walking. There, you dress to impress.


7. The weather just makes you want to be healthier.

Constant sunshine makes you want to do outdoor activities, make smoothies, detox, and spend time catching some sun. It’s like endorphin central.


8. Places may change, but people rarely do.

Sure, I missed the city, but I missed the people more. It’s great when you make friendships where you can just come back months later like nothing has ever changed. That’s who you keep around.


Things I didn’t miss? Not being able to communicate with my Uber driver, being in a car and in a near-death situation at the same time, and construction that makes a one-mile journey take one hour. Not that NYC doesn’t have its qualms too.

Alas, I’m back and decided as soon as I got off the plane that I can’t take this city for granted. I need to appreciate it for all that it’s worth because it won’t be home forever. So I said goodbye to Miami, but I’m definitely not ready to say goodbye to New York any time soon.

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