Welcome To The Light Side: 4 Tips To Maintain Your White Hair

Madalene Koompone
Madalene is an Art History graduate, and is putting her degree to good use by not using it at all. Instead, she’s into other things important: her 18-lb cat, bougie dinners, a strong gin & tonic, and letting someone know when they look good. Yep, she’s a Sagittarius and really, really hates Mercury in retrograde, too. Madalene also manages a hip & trendy Orlando sushi spot in hopes of making mama proud (still working on it) and owns a shop full of vintage threads. Look a better babe by checking out her store, Nitt Vintage.

If you frequent Tumblr or Instagram, then you’re most likely aware of the “white aesthetic.” It brings a refreshing approach to us visually, and draws attention to what the focus is. From photography to fashion, it means being minimalistic, looking effortless, and incredibly detailed. That’s why when someone made the first daring move to bring the white aesthetic to hair, I’ve been all about it and itching to add a little light to my life.

However, with beauty comes hard work. Here are a few tips to consider before going to the light side:


Give it a rest, and repair your damages

Like with any hair color treatment, make sure your hair is ready for the transformation. Whether it be your entire mane or an ombré fade, avoid any chemicals or heat to your hair before diving in. Remember, working on damaged goods is not the answer. I recommend using coconut oil in your hair 24 hours before the first step to help keep the moisture.



Lighten your hair in stages

The darker your hair, the longer the process will take. To keep from damaging, it’s best to bleach your hair in stages — this can take a few weeks before you reach your desired color. When bleaching, use a mixture between developing cream and bleach powder. Developing cream penetrates and removes the hair color, and keeps it consistent. Keep the mixture in your hair for about 50 minutes, rinse and decide after if you want to go lighter.


Use a toner

To avoid “Kiki Kannibal” fried ends or to fix brassy colors, use a toner to create a softer and more delicate tone to your freshly lightened hair. It makes the new hair color look more natural rather than bright and orange. Use a toner regularly if you plan on keeping your white aesthetic long-term.


Be patient and keep it up

As with all good things in life, this requires patience. If your hair doesn’t turn out the way you want the first time, wait a few days and repeat the process again. Use a toner shampoo and conditioner for maintenance, and deep condition at least once a week to treat any damages.

Trust me: the more you tend to your hair, the better you’ll feel.

If after reading these tips you’re afraid to make the big step alone, visit your favorite salon to see if they can help or hold a dying party with your best friends. Remember, the fun part is to love your hair like you love yourself like you love your friends. Which better be a lot.