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Brandon Snively
Brandon is a Pace University graduate and avid Philadelphia sports fan, but don't hate him because of it...please? He was a former intern at the Howard Stern Show as well as a reporter for the MTA program Transit Transit Newsmagazine. He likes to be in front of the camera or behind the mic, but he enjoys news writing just as much.

Happy post-Halloween! Hopefully everyone isn’t as hungover as originally planned and that you remembered to set your clocks back an hour. Here are a couple stories that will make you scratch your heads and also chuckle a little, courtesy of the Huffington Post.


Giant Jack-O-Lantern Breaks Loose and Terrifies People

Nothing says Happy Halloween like having something scary happen or just plain out of the ordinary. That’s exactly what one town in Arizona got when a giant inflatable Jack-O-Lantern broke loose from its bearings and started rolling down this street, terrorizing people and vehicles in its way. Not for nothing, but allegedly this pumpkin inflatable weighed over 350 pounds and basically could have created a chaotic scene in this Arizona town that could have been the basis for a movie. Luckily though, no one was injured and no cars were damaged in the ordeal. The owner was frantically looking for it for quite a while. Oops I guess.

Dead Shark Washes Up in Woman’s Front Yard

For those that have been to the beach after a giant storm or oceanic swell, it can be common to see a lot of jellyfish just laying around on the beach. An Alabama woman got a little bit of a shark…or shock…when she discovered that a baby bull shark was dead on her front lawn. This woman lives between two rivers and recent flooding in that southern part of Alabama washed out a lot of land and flooded her home. The discovery of the shark came after the water had receded and was just lying there, smack dab in the middle of her yard. Unfortunately nothing could be done to save the animal.


Food Fest for Road Kill?

We asked this question many times to see if this title was accurate and was actually true. Well, it is. If you happen to be in the Vermont area next weekend on Nov. 7, you have the chance to try anything like bear, geese, deer, and any other animals that have been sitting on the side of the road, for only $75. It sucks to see a squirrel, bunny, or deer dead on the side of the road (for those of you that live in rural/suburban areas), but eating them is a whole different story. For our friends in Vermont, they want you to try their latest, fresh roadkill in an effort called “Wild About Vermont.” The question is, is it okay to eat roadkill? Ask PETA and they say YES and that it’s a healthier option. Some states also have laws permitting people to eat roadkill. So next time you see roadkill, just remember that people in Vermont will be eating it most likely.

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