The Weirdest Shit In The News This Week

Brandon Snively
Brandon is a Pace University graduate and avid Philadelphia sports fan, but don't hate him because of it...please? He was a former intern at the Howard Stern Show as well as a reporter for the MTA program Transit Transit Newsmagazine. He likes to be in front of the camera or behind the mic, but he enjoys news writing just as much.

Need to see something that makes your Sunday a little better? Fear not, here is some weird news, courtesy of the Huffington Post, to make you feel a little bit better about all of the embarrassing stuff you did this weekend.


Student Driver Crashes Into Driving School

You can read the title as many times as you want, but yes, it’s true. A student driver in Bellevue, Washington 99 percent automatically failed and should be blacklisted on the state’s driving records after crashing the car directly into the front of the driving school building. Local news affiliate KOMO reported that police responded to the scene where they were told that the student mistook the gas pedal for the brake (classic mistake). Even the local authorities tweeted a pic of the incident with the #fail. A fail on so many levels, but we all (sorta) made that mistake before?

If you live in the Bellevue, Washington area, beware of amateur drivers. Maybe put up an iron gate, you never know what’s going to happen.


Couple “Uses Time Wisely” Before Being Arrested

One Florida couple (surprise), refused to give in to the police’s demands to have sex one final time. Hostage negotiators were called in to the Duval County home to have them come out and surrender, but they refuted unless they could have sex one final time. They got it in for sure. It was reported that other adults were in the mobile home as well and that there was an audience to watch this lovefest. Maybe it was an orgy, who knows. In the end, the couple was arrested, but at least they savored every last minute.


“Scandal” Obsessed Fan Calls 911

“Scandal,” the TV show with character Olivia Pope played by Kerry Washington, is a pretty popular show and has a good fan base. For one fan, however, she took things to a whole new level after being one (read four) bottles deep into some wine. This “Scanalista” called 911 pretending to be badass character Olivia Pope, stating that there was a bomb on its way to The White House. Authorities in Iowa said in the 911 call, the 20-year-old girl was pulling plot scenes from the show. Clearly this girl must not have been chosen after an open audition or something. She was charged with misusing the 911 system and public intoxication. Needless to say, she won’t ever be getting a part on Scandal ever. The police said, “It’s handled.”

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