Weekly Political Roundup: Obama Pretty Much Killed It This Week For 3 Reasons…

Brandon Snively
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Believe whatever you want to about Barack Obama, but this past week will go down as one of the best of his entire presidency. Why is this so? Well, this week had a few pivotal moments that many will remember, and some legislation that will go down in history.

Why Obama Ran Shit This Week:

1. During the beginning of the week, legislation towards his fast-track trade deal was easily passed by the Senate. How did he do it? He reached across party lines and worked out a deal that some may not have liked, but reached a middle ground where a bipartisan agreement could be reached.

  • This is just a small step towards a larger trade deal that Obama is aiming for, and he will do everything in his power to make sure that it gets done.
  • It is very important that Obama succeeds, since it was one of his major goals to accomplish during his presidency.
  • Also, in a rare turn of events, Republican leaders actually applauded his effort to get this done.

2. On Thursday, Obamacare had another victory in the Supreme Court.

  • This ruling had to do with the subsidies for low and middle income families, according to The Washington Post. Lawd knows that Republicans will STILL be bringing this up during the 2016 election and try and have this bill removed from everyone’s sight. Have fun with that.
  • On Friday, the news of the Supreme Court banning states from disallowing gay marriage was released. This came after a 5-4 victory (you can read our article about it here) in the nation’s highest court.
  • This also, as expected, has begun debate amongst GOP presidential candidates. Some of them are speaking out and, of course, are discrediting the ruling – asserting a belief that such a close decision, determined by one vote, still exemplifies disapproval on the issue of gay marriage. Yes, it is a divided issue and still will be, but majority rules, hahah, get over it.

** BTW quick kudos to the Supreme Court for playing a major role in getting all of this done. Applause. **

3. Finally, President Obama spoke at the funeral of one of the Charleston shooting victims, Senator Clementa Pickney (D).

  • And he didn’t just speak, he broke out into song. He led the congregation with a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace. That pretty much was the icing on top of the Obama celebratory cake for the week.

What does the future hold in the coming year and a half remaining in Obama’s presidency? We obviously are not 100% sure, but after this week, things seem to be looking up.

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