Weekly Political Roundup: Get To Know The Two New Candidates

Brandon Snively
Brandon is a Pace University graduate and avid Philadelphia sports fan, but don't hate him because of it...please? He was a former intern at the Howard Stern Show as well as a reporter for the MTA program Transit Transit Newsmagazine. He likes to be in front of the camera or behind the mic, but he enjoys news writing just as much.

We are all getting tired of hearing who has joined the race. The field is saturated and really the election isn’t for another 16 months, almost exactly.

Since this is a crowded race, particularly on the Republican side, it’s interesting to see what these current candidates bring to the table, and just how low they will go to make sure someone else doesn’t have a chance at becoming the party nominee.


Chris Christie Joins the Race

  • Joining: Republican ticket
  • Currently: New Jersey Governor
  • 14th Republican candidate to enter the race
  • Campaign Slogan: “Telling It Like It Is.”

Is this too late for Christie to join the race? The outlandish and outspoken governor was once praised and well-received by many, however he has recently lost some of his cred after the infamous ‘Bridgegate.’

** FYI: Bridgegate was a traffic incident on the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, NJ (the most traveled bridge in the world in terms of vehicle traffic), in which officials of Christie’s administration decided to create a giant traffic jam by shutting down several lanes leading to the bridge from Fort Lee. While there are a few theories as to why this happened, it’s alleged that Christie was mad at the mayor of Fort Lee for not endorsing him in the 2013 gubernatorial election.**

Following the scandal, Christie’s popularity has definitely decreased. He’s also known for being a bit of a hard-ass with budgeting, especially when it comes to providing funding for schools in particular areas.

Another concern: is Christie’s persona too difficult to deal with in terms of a presidential seat? His campaign slogan is “Telling It Like It Is,” which he certainly does without regret or hesitation. He hasn’t done a terrible job governing New Jersey, but his strong and aggressive approach may not be well-received by all Americans.

In true Christie form, it wouldn’t be too surprising if he stirs a little more controversy with some comments, but likely not to the extent of resident dumb dumb – Donald Trump.

Bottom line: Chris Christie is not the same man he was in late 2012 and 2013, when people were, even then, pushing for a 2016 presidential run. It will be interesting to see how his camp deals with backlash from Bridgegate and why we should trust someone who many New Jersey residents find shady.


Jim Webb Joins the Race 

  • Joining: Democratic ticket
  • Former senator from Virginia
  • Fourth Democratic candidate to enter the race
  • Claims to bring: “Leadership This Nation Needs”

Who? You probably have never heard of Jim Webb (along with 50% of the Democratic candidates). As stated above, he is a former senator from Virginia and a military veteran who served as secretary of the Navy while Ronald Reagan was in office. He has had some accomplishments while he was in the senate, but not really any sweeping decisions that have put his name on the map.

So how is he going to make a name for himself in the Democratic party among big names like Hillary Clinton? It’s more than likely that he’s going to use his military past as a base for the way he is going to run his campaign. As mentioned before, that is what separates him as a leader.

According to the Washington Post, recent polls show that Webb will be supported by lower income white families. Usually those families tend to vote Republican, but since Webb’s politics tend to be in the middle, it gives them another option.

He is certainly not a liberal Democrat by any means, so he is going to need to come out of the gate strong, letting us know where he stands politically on certain issues that may make or break him with far left Democrats. His roadmap isn’t quite clear yet, but count on hearing his name A LOT more in the near future.


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