Wear The Resistance: 9 Bomb-Looking Designs That Give Back To Charity

Shireen Mohyi
Shireen was born and raised in Metro-Detroit and currently resides in Brooklyn. She is most passionate about beauty, entertainment, and all things breakfast-related. Seriously, this girl will eat a bagel any hour of the day. She likes to think she’s funny, so please laugh at her jokes.

Politics these days, am I right? Just kidding, these aren’t politics, this is (hopefully) one giant episode of PUNK’D. I’m eagerly waiting for Ashton Kutcher and his trucker hat to jump out from behind a van to end the horror show that is the U.S. Government in 2017.

I’ll be honest, I was never one to keep up with politics. Until recently, of course. As soon as I learned who was in the running to be our next President, I downloaded any and all news apps to my phone quicker than you can say “grab her by the pussy” and actively kept up with the 2016 Presidential Election and all related events. There aren’t enough words in the English language I could use that could properly express how disappointed that this circus is my first real exposure to politics. *sigh*

Like most women, minorities, or really anyone with a soul, I was an emotional wreck post-election. After that, I wiped my tears, got myself out into the streets, got educated on the facts, made some donations and let my stance be known.

Now more than ever, artists are using their voices to stir up even more conversation and attention to the things that matter most: human rights. Ya know, that thing that Drumpf is trying to take away from us all? That.

Interested in making both a fashion and political statement? You’ve come to the right place. Check out these fabulous designs with a cause that will leave your wallet empty, your heart full, and your ~lewk~ on point.


1. Getting Started Tee, $50, Reformation

With each purchase, $30 is donated to Planned Parenthood


2. The Future is Female T-Shirt, $30, OtherWild

Each sale will donate 25% of proceeds to Planned Parenthood.


3. “People Are People” TEE, $25, Christian Siriano

All profits go directly to the ACLU.


4. Portraits, ‘Important Women’ Series, $10, Etsy.com

All proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood.


5. “Feminist As Fuck” Large Hoop Earrings, $205, The Outrage

15% of all sales will go toward Planned Parenthood.


6. Girls Just Want To Have Funding For Planned Parenthood, $26, Female Collective

20% of proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood.

7. #PinscauseLOVE button, $5, The Outrage

With each button sold, $1 will go to Planned Parenthood and $1 will go to ACLU.


8. The Human Woman Cotton Muscle Tank in Small Print, $22, Everlane

$5 of every purchase will go toward Equality Now


9. Obama / Warren 2020 Sweatshirt, $48, Etsy.com

25% of all profits will go to the ACLU.

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