Electro-Pop Duo Klyne Talks Current Events, Emojis & New Music

On their first trip to New York City, we had the awesome opportunity to chat with the up and coming duo Klyne at Atlantic Records HQ. Their music has a very pop-electronic feel — super cool, but in an unintimidating, chill way. Not surprisingly, the duo themselves, Ferdous Dehzad and Nick Klein, have a very similar feel. Before jetting off to Austin to perform at SXSW (actually their flight was super delayed because of the freak March blizzard, lol yikes) they enlightened us with their thoughts on current events and emojis.

20something: If you had to describe your sound with a word that usually describes texture, what would it be?

Ferdous Dehzad: Clay. I don’t know, is that a texture? Maybe bumpy.

Nick Klein: Yeah, bumpy.


What is one DJ stereotype that you resent?

FD: It’s definitely “Hands in the air!” That’s still one of the worst things that really grinds my gears.

NK: The fake button twisting thing that I saw on YouTube somewhere. Where they just hit a bunch of buttons for no reason.

FD: I have to admit, I did that sometimes when I DJ’d. I would just sometimes touch things that you don’t really have to touch. That’s true, that’s definitely a real one.


If you had to give each other a spirit animal, what would it be?

FD: Hmm…dog.

NK: Cat.

FD: Those are like the most standard answers.

Any, like, specific dogs or cats? Or just in general?

FD: Maybe a German Shepherd.

NK: Egyptian Cat.

FD: (whispering) That’s racist.


Do you guys have a go to pre-show snack or ritual?

FD: My snack I guess would be ginger tea? It’s really nice to drink before a show, it’s really soothing.

That’s not a snack, that’s a drink. That’s cheating.

NK: I have a ritual that I’ve learned, but it’s basically like a vocal warm-up. It’s stupid, I have this straw and I just blow into a cup of water, and that’s it.

At this point, we all tried to locate a straw but were unfortunately unsuccessful, so we’ll just take his word for how ridiculous it looks.


Which emoji do you think best describes you as a person?

NK: He would definitely be the moon face.

FD: Oh yeah, I’m the moon face [makes a face to mimic the moon emoji].

The dark moon emoji or the light moon emoji?

FD: The light one, like the really creepy one [insert moon emoji face]. I use it too much [insert moon emoji face]. I always use the creepy moon face.

NK: My most used is the clapping hands. I’m really sarcastic, I use the clapping hands a lot, like when someone does something stupid, I’m just like, “good job! [clapping hands emoji]”


Their music is super fresh and current, so we wanted to see if they kept up with everything else that was current in the world.

This is kind of like a speed round, because there are a lot of big things happening in the world right now, so I’m going to give you guys a few topics, and I want you to sum up your thoughts on each in five words or less.

The first topic is “New Kanye”

FD: Creative, self-love, dope (like in a good way), mental and innovative.

NK: Yeah, I relate to that answer. Same ones.

Same ones? Retweet?

NK: Yeah, retweet.

Ok next, “The American Government.”

FD: *sighs*

NK: Oh, I’m not political at all. He should do this one.

FD: Well, I’m a Muslim so I have a lot of words for this one. Frightening. Insane. Racist. Hopeful, not because of the government, but because of the people who stand up against them. And blonde.

Retweet. Next one: Stranger Things isn’t coming back until October.

NK: Not happy. Depressed. Sadness. Anger. Emotional. Hate. I have more words too, but I’m done.

FD: Disbelief.


Out of all the topics in this speed round, this is definitely the most hard hitting, so we figured it would be alright to give them extra words.

Did you guys watch the Oscars? The next topic is the “La La Land” thing that happened at the Oscars.

FD: Oh, that was shitty. Shitty.

NK: Sad. Unfortunate. Really unfair, to them and to “Moonlight.” Kind of funny.

Alright final topic: March Madness.

NK: What is that?

The college basketball tournament, with the bracket and everything.

NK: Oh no, I don’t know what that is.

What’s coming up for you guys that you’re excited about? What’s next?

NK: South by Southwest, we’re going to that later this week. We have a new single that’s coming out next week.

FD: Also, our album has just finished, and it’ll be out in probably May or June. But for now, we’re really excited to see what will happen with the single, and see how people will respond to it, because it’s way different than our stuff before.


So for the single that’s way different than your stuff before, how do you picture people listening to it? Is it like an easy listening track, a getting ready for work track, how do you picture people listening to it?

NK: It’s an I-don’t-have-a-clue-how-to-dance-to-this track.

FD: I think the writing is pretty straight forward, pretty easy listening, but a lot of the production doesn’t have a very simple rhythm, so it’s not just an easy listening track. I think I would listen to it in the morning, to help me wake up. It’s a pretty energetic song, slightly aggressive. [whispers] Like Trump.

Retweet. One final retweet to a little Trump dig.

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