We Talked To Your New Favorite EDM Duo, Two Friends, About Their Upcoming EP

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They’re blinking on The Chainsmokers’ radar. Read on to find out why they’re about to light up on yours.

“Two Friends” Matt Halper and Eli Sones cut their teeth remixing the classics — Blink 182, The Killers, …Tori Kelly. After a string of releases on Armada’s radio-friendly, melodic, sub-label Armada Trice — namely “Forever” and “Overdose” — the two have amassed support from dance music royalty.

We’re talking the Tiestos, The Don Diablos, and The Chainsmokers of the world. They said the support was something they didn’t force and let come naturally to them, unlike the mass of DJs who spam the web with promos.

20something: As two 20something-year-old producers, what experiences from your youth have you used to define your careers?

Two Friends: I think people have a lot of experiences even in only 20 years. All our songwriting is based off ideas and stories that have happened to us or we’ve heard of a friend living through. Everything can be inspiration!


In fact, the duo only got word that the Chainsmokers played their remix to Blink 182’s “I Miss You” through a friend. They Googled the set and went nuts, amazed by the crowd of several thousand ravers at Ultra Music Festival in Miami loving their music.

Similar to DJ support, label recognition also took due time. The two spent over a year-and-a-half refining their eventual debut release “Forever” before it was out. Now their “Soul House” sound is headed for a remodeling — Two Friends are set to release their first body of work, a three-song EP entitled “Out of Love” this month.

Please list some non-EDM influences. How has their music impacted you and why should we listen to them today?

TF: There are so many influences, since we really do draw inspiration from all sorts of genres and artists, not solely electronic music. And there are also certain things about each of the influences- sometimes it’s their songwriting, other times their chord progressions, or their melodies, or just their ‘vibes’ etc. Some of the names on that long list include Death Cab For Cutie, Panic At The Disco, Goo Goo Dolls, Eminem, Blink-182…

The songs have evolved over three years, changing their sounds and speeds while retaining their chords and melodies. Expect soulful saxophone riffs, deep, bouncy house, and vocals from none other than Pete Wentz’s friend MAX. Eli and Matt even said the three-year window let the EDM trends catch up to the deep vibes they initially had at the outset. Not bad for two High School friends who were only getting familiar with Pro Tools five years ago.

What’s so special about this EP to you two personally?

TF: We cannot wait to share this EP with everyone. The songs on it span the map, but all go back to Two Friends- our goal has always been that listeners will capture that Two Friends spark, no matter the genre or tempo of a song. This EP was the culmination of so many awesome experiences, writing sessions, collaborations, and good times. And we didn’t want to keep holding on to these songs and playing the waiting game, so we thought an EP would be the perfect and special way to share what we’ve been working so long and hard on.


See the official announcement below:


Hear the first single below:

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