We Talked To Galantis On Their Creative Flow & Their New Song ‘Rich Boy’

Even if you don’t know Galantis, you probably know Galantis. After the Swedish duo (each respectively named Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw, when they’re not wearing matching bomber jackets and producing songs together) debuted at Coachella in 2014, their dance tracks have been EVERYWHERE. Before entertaining the masses at their two-night sold-out run at Hammerstein Ballroom, they were featured on AOL’s BUILD series to talk about their new song “Rich Boy.” A few of us from 20Something were stoked AF to be a part of the audience.

They came to New York fresh off of their Ultra Music Festival performance, right after their single dropped, and they were so ready to talk about their upcoming album.

“This is a different album, of course, because we’ve been on tour and now we have people following our music, and it feels like the pressure is on us,” Karlsson said. “We like that, actually. We’ve been challenged and daring to go into new areas of music that we haven’t gone into before.”

Galantis is super well-known for their fresh take on what dance music should sound like and the way that it should be performed.

Besides musical genres, they told us that they’ve been exploring some other areas as well —public places to make music in.

“Being on tour while working on an album means that you have to learn how to make music anywhere, so it’s a lot of airport lounges and security—security is when where we make our best songs,” Eklöw told us laughing.

We’re pretty sure he’s telling the truth, and we wouldn’t really hate to hear a Galantis remix of an airport announcement. (Galantis feat. JFK TSA agent?)

“The creative flow is always there, even outside the studio, so you always have to catch those moments, whether you’re on a flight or a boat or a train.” Karlsson agreed.

Galantis has also been pretty much ruling the festival season this year. They’ve been all around Asia recently and headed back to Coachella for their third round of the desert.

For those of us who weren’t lucky enough to see them in Indio, here’s what you missed:

“We try to bring what we do in the studio to the stage. That energy that we have in the studio when we’re like bouncing off the walls and dancing and screaming, we try to bring that to the stage. We also bring all our favorite gear from the studio so we can be spontaneous and create while we’re performing.”

And they succeeded. Galantis played to a packed house in midtown Manhattan Friday and Saturday night with the kind of energy you usually only see at major festivals. Their fans were literally jumping up and down to the beat for their entire two-hour set.

With summer officially kicking into high gear, be sure to keep your eyes on the duo as they make their way from festival to festival, all while releasing new tracks to perfectly accompany your next dance party.