We Mean Business: Shop These Looks For Your Next Job Interview

Congratulations, you’ve got a job interview! Now what? You’ve got to look so good they can’t say no! (Assuming you have the skills necessary to complete the job’s day-to-day functions…)

1. It’s Business Time

This is for the ladies who got fancy with their degrees. Here you’ll find a conservative yet stylish template fit for any buttoned-up role. Science (probably?) has proven that you can’t go wrong with a monotone color palette; a crisp blazer; a loosely structured blouse, and a cigarette pant. Pair this look with pointy-toed pumps, and you’ve got the perfect uniform to land you in that corner office. Keep your jewelry sleek and minimal to keep attention on your resume.

Shop the look: Blouse, blouse (similar), blouse (similar), blazer, cigarette pant, pants (similar), bag, heels, necklace


2. The Fail-Safe Option

Are you interviewing with a company but don’t have a feel for the office dress code? If you can’t read the room, stick with an A-line dress, polished flats and a power blazer. This classic go-to will neither read too dressed up nor too dressed down in any interview situation, guaranteed. Unless you’re interviewing for American Idol, in which case, well… we’ve got some bad news for you, bud.

Shop the look: Black dress, yellow dress, floral dress, flats (similar), flats (similar), flats (similar), blazer, geometric earrings, earrings (similar)


3. A Position in the Arts

It’s time to swap out that blazer with a well-worn moto jacket! Remember how we warned that your outfit might distract from your resume? Well, if you’re in the creative world, your outfit can actually speak to yours! This is all about showing off your personality though carefully curated items. Go for colorful, detailed statement pieces that speak to your artistic sensibilities. Just don’t wear all of your statement pieces at once. Or do, who cares? You know what works best on you!

Shop the look: Statement necklace, statement ring (similar), moto jacket, tie-waist trousers, tie-waist trousers (similar), a-line skirt (similar), a-line skirt (similar), laser cut skirt, laser cut skirt (similar), leather booties, booties (similar), booties (similar), bow tie blouse, ruffled blouse (similar), ruffled blouse (similar)


Good luck and remember, the best accessories are actually a firm handshake and a strong resume. You’ve got this!