We Like Big Butts And We Cannot Lie: The 8 Best ‘Ass-ets’ In The Music Biz

Mahogany Bullock
Writer. NYC. ECU Grad.

For years, people have been fiends for junk in the trunk. While butts may be garnering some interest as of late, it has always been the apple of the world’s eye. Before the Kardashians began buying booty, there were a few celebrities who flew under the radar with their curvaceous aesthetics. Much like the trend of “boxer braids,” Hollywood has recently embraced the major cuppage of the backside, making it mainstream and cover-worthy. Currently, celebrities are either loving the curves they were born with, or slamming their money on the counter for some routine pumping. Either way, everybody likes big butts – I cannot lie.

Ever wonder who has the best booties in Music? Probably not. We’re going to tell you anyway.


Queen Bey has always been a curvy girl, and she’s never had any choice but to own it. She even made a hit single about it. The bootylicious babe is known for her sick hair flips and infamous onesies that effortlessly cup the nape of her ass. As a card carrying member of the Beehive, I feel as if she has the best ass money can buy – and she didn’t even buy it. Jay Z is one lucky man.




Lenny Kravitz

The fact that Lenny is rarely seen without a pair of hip-hugging leather pants may be what secured his spot on this list. It’s damn near impossible to not have perfect cheeks when they’re encased in a smooth leather cage. After #penisgate, we are all just sitting back and waiting for a backside tear to complete that ever so attractive visual.




Nicki Minaj

The debate on whether Nicki’s booty is real is still in the air. But who cares, honestly. With countless covers, verses, and videos dedicated to the curve of her backside, if you ever thought about ignoring the massive pokage following Nicki around all day, she has no problem reminding you. While we all love a good Nicki Minaj verse, watching her bounce around to her own lyrics may be what secured her stardom. Nicki without a booty is like PB without the J, and only weirdos eat peanut butter sandwiches.




John Legend

Thanks to the legendary Chrissy Tiegen – yes, pun intended – we got a front row seat to the well-sculpted ass of Mr. Legend. In an effort to call out the rules and regulations of Instagram, Chrissy posted a prime time photo of John in front of the TV, showcasing her husband’s bootylicious backside. I just want to thank Chrissy for providing us with the chance to even peek at the crack of John Legend’s ass.


Iggy Azalea

The Australian pop princess has been rumored to have a Brazilian butt lift at most. Even with this piece of information, she manages to have one of the best booties in Hollywood. With thighs to match, it’s safe to assume she went the natural route for her coveted aesthetics. Whether you’re a fan of her music or not, you can’t deny that the girl’s got ass.



Harry Styles

Well, given the fact that everything about Harry is perfect, one can only assume that his rear would follow suit on the path to perfection. Thankfully, he is a proud wearer of tight pants and skinny jeans so we are blessed with an amazing view every time he turns around. *insert corny One Direction pun here*



Jennifer Lopez

I know, it’s painfully obvious and almost cliché to put JLo on a list about butts. I just couldn’t bear to put together a list even slightly related to backsides without the mere mention of the lust-worthy Latina. JLo had a booty before they graced the covers of Vogue and W, and she embraced every last curve when people wanted Hollywood heavyweights to be stick thin. She’s something like a booty pioneer, so consider this more of an accolade and a thank you rather than a name on a list.



Zac Efron

Ok so he may have left his musical career behind after he graduated from High School Musical, but Zac will always be Troy Bolton in my eyes. Plus, after his toilet scene in That Awkward Moment, I’ll jump through any loophole to get him onto this list. I suppose we can thank all that basketball-infused choreography for the perkiness of his backside. Whatever it was that did it, I am happy.