We Found Giant Plot Holes In ‘Harry Potter’ That’ll Boggle Your Mind

Look, a story about a boy wizard who’s able to defeat the most evil person of all time using love isn’t exactly going to be a realistic read. That being said, even our fantasy worlds have rules, and the stories set in J.K. Rowling’s world of wizardry sometimes have a few gaping plot holes.

Most likely inspired by Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, a book that took plenty of the biggest Harry Potter rules and happily destroyed them, a Reddit user asked what the biggest plot holes in Harry Potter are, and users came up with some that have no explanation.

User thesushipanda wisely notes,

“The fact that there are only three spells that unquestionably land you in prison. How the fuck are memory charms not on that list? I can think of a huge list of other things but I don’t have the time right now.”

User Nurpderp focuses on the controversial Deathly Hallows,

“I think I have one but I’m happy to be proven wrong
Moody sees through Harry’s invisibility cloak with his magic eye, but his cloak is the Deathly Hallow that is uneffected by magical detection.
Did…did I do one?”

DrunkenBartender17 points out that the wizarding world seems incredibly uninterested in solving their cosmetic issues,

“The fact that despite having seemingly infinite possibilities for magic, they can’t be bothered to fix Harry’s eyesight.”

One redditor points out how dumb Harry is,

“Not really a plot hole, but if Harry had just been like ” Yo Slughorn, I’ll only join your dumb club if you ask my bro Ron to join too” They would have avoided sooooo much drama.”

And another one pointed how dumb all Hogwarts students are in general by saying,

“Everyone is scared of the shrieking shack because it’s haunted while they have fucking ghosts casually floating around the castle.”

User VEDoubleNWhy has an issue with the Chamber of Secrets,

“One thing that always bothered me was that Tom Riddle basically stumbled upon the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets, when the entrance was in the girls bathroom. Assuming that girls use to use this bathroom before Myrtle died, how did he get away with constantly going in there? Like okay maybe he only went late at night, but no one ever noticed anything weird going on in that bathroom? Just seems odd to me and seemed like something Rowling overlooked…”

And another user pointed out how dumb the points system is,

“House points in Harry Potter really don’t make much sense. In the first 3 books (they’re hardly mentioned after that) people are pissed off at Harry, Ron and Hermione for losing them 100’s of house points. In real life, hardly any of the students would care about some arbitrary points system set up by teachers but would think Harry, Ron and Hermione are heroes for smuggling dragons or sneaking out at night. Why would a brat like Malfroy care if he got house points??
Also not sure if this is just the movies but Hermione gets like 50 points for answering questions correctly in one class but at the end of the year all the houses only have like 150 points.”

Yeah, there’s a million questions one could ask about the books. Like, why are there like 6 kids in Harry’s Gryffindor class but somehow like thousands of students at the school? Why the fuck did Barty Crouch bother with sending Harry down a maze to get the Portkey when he could just hand it to him? And can someone please explain the laws of Transfiguration to me please, because I’d transfigure nice jewelry out of like, rocks all the time.

Still heart you though, Harry.

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