We Caught Up With Melodic Duo Tritonal To Talk Creativity & Inspiration

As a melodic duo known for their high energy, Tritonal has seen a huge rise in their success over the last few years. I had the pleasure of catching up with Chad and David during Miami Music Week at the SiriusXM lounge, and we discussed the importance of creativity and where they find their inspiration.

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20something: How is Miami treating you guys so far?

Tritonal: So far, so good! Very busy…but good to be here finally and sit down with you.


20: How important do you think SiriusXM is to MMW?

T: Not only to MMW but to dance culture in America. It is a huge part of United States. We have been fortunate to be on high rotation at SiriusXM.


20: What’s your favorite part about working in the music industry?

T: I like the collaborative process; I think it’s fun to see where [and how]  people make their music. I think all of life is creative — everything is creative. So being able to directly create and see the results is very satisfying; whether that’s baking or building a house or making music. We are very fortunate to be able to do that.


20: So how would you describe your creative process? What’s the vibe like while you’re in the studio?

T: What’s cool about creativity is that you don’t have to approach it the same way every time and that’s what keeps it interesting. Sometimes, we will be in a writing session with just piano and guitar and we will be writing lyrics and build a song from the ground up. Other times we will get stems sent to us and we will be remixing a track, or somebody will send a topline idea like “yo this is dope” and we will re-harmonize it. There are a billion different ways to approach a song and all the different ways are what keeps it creative.


20: Outside of music, where do you find your inspiration?

T: I find it in everything, in life itself. I also find a ton of inspiration from within and I  get that through meditation, and self-sacrifice of myself to others and helping other people invest. I get it through family, working out and being in places like this! The ocean where it’s beautiful, I think inspiration should come from within and be expressed throughout.  As opposed to always looking for something to inspire you.


20: So glamour and fame aside, what do you get out of your own music? Why do you do it?

T: If we weren’t able to do what we do, what is our purpose? It fulfills us. It brought us together as a duo and it’s what we love to do first and foremost and it’s something I don’t think I can live a day without. We embrace it. It’s therapeutic, it’s celebratory, it’s sexy, and it touches different parts of the spirit; the physical the metaphysical.


20: Which online platform gets you the most fan engagement?

T: It changes every year, doesn’t it?! It used to be SoundCloud, now it’s definitely Spotify. Our streaming numbers are quite healthy. It’s all about streaming now. It’s funny because it’s also the way I consume music — I love Spotify. I love going on there and finding a workout playlist and all the different playlists. It comes to you rather than seeking out things in record stores. Spotify listens to the listener and suggests other things.


20: So what was the moment you realized you’ve made it?

T: Sometimes I still think we haven’t, other times I’m like, “Man, we are killing it.” You have those moments when you sold out a show, everybody’s singing your records, like, 2,000 people singing, then you know you’ve done something. Other times when you produce a song and people have a lot of hate, it makes us go back and forth between pure love and pure morbidity. I think that’s the human experience, though. We are between states of love and fear. I think the first time we had done something huge was when we got flown out of the country to play somewhere. I think there are a lot of ways to tell that you made it. Ultimately if you’re happy and doing what you love and somehow able to pay your bills, you’re doing ok.


20: What music would you choose to play at your funeral?

T: Something celebratory and something emotional. I think you need that for the healing process of having to lose someone. But I think more important is to celebrate a  life — what song would that be? I would need more than two seconds to come up with an answer but those are definitely the frameworks.


20: What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?

T: I think, “What kind of music do I need to be listening to right now?” Being alone in your car is the best time to reflect on shit.


20: If you could get rid of one US state which would it be and why?

T: WOW we have to x someone out! We’re going to get so much hate, man! Here’s a cool answer: Texas. We’re going to secede and be our own fucking country, you hear that?!


20: What distracts you in the crowd? Anything?

T: Really tall people. If there are all these normal heightened people and then one giant, I’m always looking at that motherfucker.


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