We Can Guess Your Music Taste Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Pythagoras is often described as the “Father of mathematics, “Father of geometry” and “Father of music.” Being a profound philosopher and also a mathematician, he created a theory called “The Harmony Of The Universe.”

He believed that the planets and stars moved according to mathematical equations, which corresponded to musical notes and produced a symphony. Everyone represents a specific harmony of the universe.

“Reality is created by sound, light and color frequencies. The spheres are the harmonics on the symbolic Tree of Life. They are the wheels of synchronicity that create the illusion of linear time.”

Let’s break it down:

The zodiac is a circle that’s broken into 12 equal sections. They’re 30 degrees wide and named after constellations. We call it a “sign.” The “planets” (including Sun and Moon) appear to move along this circle, over time. Because the earth is spinning on its axis, this circle (the zodiac) appears to move around earth…in such a way that every 24 hours, every single one of the 12 signs has risen in the east, gone across the sky and set in the west. In one day we will see every sign of the zodiac.

Everyone radiates a certain energy in which we all vibrate on a certain frequency.

Here are all the signs and the factors to someone’s taste in music based on their sign.



Ruler: Mars
Element: Fire

Aries represents action, energy, drive and desire. Mars is the planet of physical energy. Aries are incredibly ambitious and aim for the stars in everything they do. They work very hard, but play even harder because they earned it.

For a sign that is so fierce and high energy, the music that gets Aries going needs to be on par. Aries has a strong sense of self and therefore define them to what music they listen. So, this is a sign of new beginnings.

Absolute Beginners by David Bowie



Ruler: Venus
Element: Earth

The planet of pleasure rules Taurus so they will often be attracted to anything that brings them this such as music. Taurus respond to very specific forms of art, certain things just speak to Taureans more than other things do, embracing their inner bull. So, the song Bulletproof by La Roux works on an astrological level because it’s a symbol of their inner strength. It also has the word “bull” within the title.



Ruler: Mercury
Element: Air

Mercury, the moment he was born, wanted to venture out of his cave and travel. He saw a tortoise, talked to it and then killed it and turned it into a musical instrument — a lyre. However, mercury is known to have other abilities as well such as to mimic and to create and a natural ability to learn. What Gemini doesn’t enjoy a good conversation or an adventure? So, the song Fancy by Drake featuring Swizz Beats And T.I defines a Gemini trait. You love a good party, especially if you get to dress up. Yasss there will be people there! You love people!



Ruler: Moon
Element: Water

The Moon is closely tied to mood, emotions and instincts in zodiac astrology. Primeval and unconscious habits, drives and instincts are all in the moon’s domain. Cancers are always down to jam with songs that evoke their deepest essence.

Cancers usually use music to reflect or alter their mood. They dwell on the lyrics and ”feeling” of the song. Being a cancer who is ruled by the moon can be exhausting. They have so many feelings. On the flip side, when Cancer loves, they love hard and that’s something they will not apologize for.

Hozier is emblematic of that all- encompassing devotion to love. So, here we are.

From Eden by Hozier



Ruler: Sun
Element: Fire

The sign brings light to which you are deep down. It governs the ego, and illuminates your nature and character. Apollo (the Sun) rules the origin of music and all things art; he was the gentle creator of musical instruments. Gangsta rap, something egotistical that is for self image, trendsetting, action fantasy esteems and a cool person thing, Leo would dazzle themselves sporting a hipster or a gangbanger with a high ego badass nobody messes with.

There is no middle ground for the Leo and that’s why Born This Way by Lady Gaga perfectly describes them. Everything you heard about Leos being prideful is true. There is no room for humility on this train. Like Gaga, a Leo will tell you loud and proud who they are and they won’t apologize for it.



Ruler: Mercury
Element: Earth

Just like Gemini’s, Virgo’s are ruled by Mercury.

Mercury is the ruler of information and information itself, but he doesn’t rule music per se. Virgos fall into the funk world of music, happy, soft and mellow melodies cheer up their pessimistic urges. If there’s one thing Virgos know all about, it’s taking care of business. Those that fall under the sign of Virgo are said to have positive traits such as stability, sharp wit, and great work ethic. One famous Virgo=the Queen Bee. Beyoncé herself articulates this point perfectly in the song Upgrade U.



Ruler: Venus
Element: Air

Venus is the planet of love, beauty and creativity. She inspires art, romance and also fortune. Librans are known balanced individuals. Therefore they often enjoy different variants of music with widely varying genres. Punk and alternative, mainstream, trendy, and colorful, is what makes the Libra truly go nuts over music. Balance — driven yet notoriously indecisive, those are Libras are known for their ability to see both sides of the story.

Chasing Pavements by Adele: an indecisive Libra should find comfort in knowing they aren’t the only ones who can’t make decisions to save their lives.



Ruler: Pluto
Element: Water

Pluto represents the subconscious yet strikingly powerful forces that help lead us to who we are and who we are meant to be. It brings bold endings and subtle new beginnings, as well as spiritual growth (along with Jupiter and Neptune, but it is mainly Neptune and Pluto that represent this area of a person’s life and overall growth as an individual).

People with strong Mars and Pluto in their chart probably love “dark” music and more discordant music (like my Scorpio Moon loves).

Firework by Katy Perry is performed by a Scorpio and about embracing big personality and letting your colors burst, this song is a no brainer. Scorpios themselves are moody and prone to feeling like plastic bags, but also are very sexy and magnetic.



Ruler: Jupiter
Element: Fire

Jupiter is closely associated with the words “morality,” “gratitude,” “hope,” “honor” and “law.” It is a planet of reach and potential. Jupiter also represents optimism, and one’s mental and spiritual growth (religious growth, for example).

Jupiter is basically a planet of wisdom and open-mindedness. Jupiter encompasses the urge for self-improvement through participation in the larger whole. It urges you to go forth exploring life.

Sagittarius is Latin for “archer” who are always pointed and precise with their words. They speak the truth, even when it hurts. As Beyoncé knows, it’s all about honestly which is why her cover of the Billy Joel song is perfect for sag.

Honesty by Beyoncé


Ruler: Saturn
Element: Earth

Saturn is a planet of structure and meaning, and blends both elements into each person’s life. This planet emphasizes one’s responsibilities and boundaries, and the necessity for respect for each. Saturn greatly assists us with respecting authority, and reaching our full potential as respectable, successful persons. Therefore,

Capricorns use music as means of production. They might listen to energizing music when they are working out or listen to it to boost their spirits when they are awaiting something important in their life. Capricorns attract to DJ rap very easily, their cool personalities are turned on over the soul connection to it.

Picasso Baby by Jay ZIf I were going to talk about ambition, we have to talk about Jay Z. All Capricorns want to be a rags to riches story, and Jay Z track about getting to whole new levels will speak to your inner go getter.



Ruler: Uranus
Element: Air

Uranus represents opposition to tradition, originality, quirkiness, enlightenment, progressiveness, discovery and objectivity. Uranus is the god of originality, but I think it is more of the mental realm where there are unlimited ideas (which may include music). However, according to myth, Uranus was not known to bring anything to ” life ” as in existing earthy matter. It symbolizes sudden flashes of insight, moments of revelation, and spurts of creativity.

Aquarians are highly unusual beings. When you think of an Aquarius you think of sci-fi or something psychedelic. Trance or funk music is fitting.

Weird People by Little Mix is a good fit for the bouncy Aquarius because these colorful characters tend to be some of the strangest and best people you could ever hope to meet.



Ruler: Neptune
Element: Water

Neptune is the planet of illusion, to explicate in the simplest way?  As a Pisces, I can confirm that we are in fact, the most misunderstood, secretive and complex of the signs. Neptune represents our psychic abilities, dreams, inspiration, receptivity and confusion. Neptune also closely corresponds with our intuitions and spiritual enlightenment. Neptune’s influence may at times be unrealistic, but very compassionate and endlessly beneficial for us all. As a Pisces, we are perfectionists. We live in a world we created all on our own. The music they seek out is usually notably beautiful or spiritual.

We tend to slip away from the harsher realities of life; therefore Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles is perfectly suitable for Pisces.

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