We Are Not Worthy Of Chad Johnson: How This TV Villain Continues Off Screen

Becca Van Sambeck
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This was a week of mourning as we said goodbye to the best “Bachelorette” contestant of all time: Human garbage can named Chad Johnson.

Never fear, though — Chad has pulled off an impossible feat. He is continuing to be a reality TV villain even though he got kicked off the show.

Remember all the hoopla about Robby’s ex, Hope, and how he might have just broken up with her to get a shot at the show? How he might be guilty of reality TV’s biggest crime: Not being there for the right reasons? Oh, Chad sure does. Which is exactly why he apparently got kicked off the show and went straight to wooing Robby’s ex, Hope.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.59.05 PM

“While traveling this weekend, our paths crossed and I finally had the opportunity to meet Hope Higginbotham in person. Let me just say, she is even more beautiful in person! A great girl like her deserves so much better than someone who lies, cheats, and ends a four year long relationship in order to pursue fame on a tv show. You’re amazing, I miss you already [email protected]

Ouch. That’s as diabolical as it is impressive. To Chad, the Gaston of the Bachelorette world —we’re not worthy.

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