#TBT: The 7 Best Outfits From TV Shows We Used To Know And Still Love Today

Part of the reason why we still remember some of our favorite TV shows from the past is because of the seemingly flawless wardrobes some of our favorite characters had. While they might have gone under appreciated at the time, we’re here to give some of the best outfits on TV the praise they deserve.


1. Carrie Bradshaw

Portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker, Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the City” became one of the biggest fashion icons of the 90s. While a lot of Carrie’s outfits were usually over the top (think fur at brunch — hey we’re not hating, just jealous we can’t pull it off ourselves), this outfit in particular was unusually simplistic, but that’s what we love about it. Paired with some sunnies, strappy heels and an amazing velvet handbag, Carrie’s simple yet classic bodycon dress easily transforms into the perfect summer outfit.



2. Denise Huxtable

The eldest Huxtable was played by the ever beautiful Lisa Bonet, and was hands down the most stylish of the entire Huxtable clan. Although she wasn’t on the show as often as she should’ve been in my opinion, every episode she did was made 10 times more interesting thanks to Denise’s eccentric outfits. Here, Denise wore a floral button up (classic Denise) with mismatched print pants and a pair of patent leather loafers, something you might normally find in your mom’s closet, but it was a look she managed to pull off perfectly.



3. Tia and Tamara

Played by real life twin sisters Tia and Tamara Mowry, there was rarely a time when these sisters weren’t wearing something that matched, yet they each managed to put their own personal touch on their outfits. The twins killed it in this episode where they went to see their favorite boy band and managed to put together they perfect casual concert look by paring jeans, a leather jacket and black top.



4. Brenda Walsh

Initially, Brenda, who’s played by Shannon Doherty, was kind of awkward and tried desperately to fit in with her new classmates after moving from Minnesota. But as the seasons progressed, Brenda outgrew her awkwardness and turned into the envy of her school. In this outfit, Brenda wears a plain white v neck t-shirt which she knots (an effortless yet fashionable detail to any outfit) and high-waisted mom jeans. Swoon.

shannon doherty


5. Sabrina Spellman

Our favorite teenage witch was played by Melissa Joan Hart. Not only are we jealous of her ability to change outfits in a matter of seconds just by pointing a finger, but we’re also envious of Sabrina’s entire wardrobe. In this photo, Sabrina wears a velvet dress with sheer long sleeves, and a matching velvet choker to complete the look. We’re almost positive we saw Kylie Jenner wearing something like this just a few weeks ago.



6. Rachel Greene

I think it’s safe to say that the show “Friends” has provided us with some of the most iconic looks that are still seen today. All three female lead characters had their own unique sense of style, but it was fashion loving Rachel’s wardrobe that stood out the most in my opinion. In this look, Rachel (played by Jennifer Aniston) wears a long-sleeve jersey shirt under a buttoned maxi dress, an outfit perfect for these upcoming fall months.

Jen aniston


7. Angela Chase

“My So-Called Life” was a show pretty much any teen growing up in the 90s could relate to. We got to watch Angela’s character (played by Claire Danes) try to find herself as she navigated her way through high school and the turmoils that came with it, all while wearing a perfect mix of feminine patterns with a touch of grunge. Angela’s plaid button up (seen here) was her signature piece, which she would wear paired with overalls, floral dresses, or simply wrapped around her waist over a t-shirt and jeans.


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