Watch ‘Girls’ Season 5 Trailer While You Countdown To February 21st

Christina Mosti
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“Girls” is back for season 5, and if it comforts you guys at all, it looks like everyone is still insane AF, but in that (mostly) relatable way that we’ve come to love. At least more relatable than, say, “Gossip Girl,” since most of us understand problems such as paying rent or your ex-boyfriend turning out to be gay, much more than your mom hiring an actress to play your cousin to steal your inheritance or something.

But, I digress.

I present to you the season 5 trailer for HBO’s “Girls,” premiering February 21, which features Hannah with a new boyfriend, Marnie getting married (smh) and everyone making some questionable hair choices. We can’t wait.

As a bonus, Lena Dunham also posted a very cute Instagram of the crew dressed as bridesmaids for Marnie’s inevitably doomed nuptials. Gotta love ’em.

Here comes the bride! Because the girls are women now... Sort of. @girlshbo is back Feb 21!

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